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Thursday, 22 July 2021

Play Fortnite Or Minecraft Or Learn To Throw A Boomerang?

One of the many statements I've heard over the last few decades, perhaps even longer, is that kids always need the latest and best technology or gadgets to play with, the notion being they are more sophisticated and that unlike in my day LOL kids wouldn't be happy fishing in ponds and throwing sticks or beating bicycle wheel frames with a stick till they roll. Young Oliver is one such child a Fortnite and Minecraft Master always locked to his iPad so when he and his brother Pascal comes out with Uncle Malcolm its great to do something different. A few weeks ago on one of my Sunday support days for Pascal (who is on the autistic spectrum) Pascal demanded to visit a castle. Some people take these demands literally and most castles are closed and a long way away. But a short chat with Pascal and we decided a castle was a building with towers and battlements so I found a UK 16th Century Monastery Ashridge House that met the criteria and when I showed it to Pascal he agreed its a small Castle. As usual I took young Oliver along with us and off we went. Sadly when we got there the House was closed to visitors due to covid19 but with a huge Hindu Wedding in progress and the grounds were also closed. It didn't take Oliver long to decide he was bored and that he wanted to go back to my place to play Fortnite et al. But I'd spotted three empty football pitches close by so I said we weren't going home until we'd thrown some sticks around the football pitches, I got the full huff shoulder drop sigh and I Oliver said "Really", so I said not any sticks we'd go find some boomerangs and throw them and off I went. Oliver and Pascal eventually followed me. This video is an edited version of the fun we had for over an hour and half, with Oliver, Pascal and I throwing boomerangs and Pascal sunbathing under a tree. It came as no surprise to me that Oliver was enthralled with this stick throwing and was actually very good at it, although he did nearly take my head off several times with one time me having to do a goalies dive out of the way, when I wasn't paying attention LOL As they used to say in Hill Street Blues - Be Careful Out There. So if you have children, and have things you used to like doing as a child don't assume they won't be interested in it and feed them tech. I hope you like the video there is a shorter version on Oliver's #trickshotmaster2022 youtube channel so if you like this and give it a thumbs up, please pop over the Ollie's channel and leave him a thumbs up he'll be so happy if you do and it will be positive encouragement for the no tech alternatives to play. Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  #boomerangs #crazyUNCLEfixed1t

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