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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Amazing EMO Desktop Pet Dancing To Lets Dance Voice Command

Here is another great Dance from EMO this time responding to the EMO Lets Dance Command. To watch the whole series start here: fixed1t EMO Unboxing Videos Part 1 Link: For those who haven't seen the Unboxing videos he is the link, if you waiting for EMO to arrive I would advise you watch this before he arrives, so you understand the procedures to get him up and running as soon as possible. Background Information: Almost hourly there are new Kickstarters prophesying the last AI intelligent robot and a friend told me about EMO and how he was thinking of investing in the company through kickstarter to get an EMO AI Desktop Pet. By the time I looked at the website Living.AI had achieved their financial goals and although they had nothing ready to ship they had Special Deals available, so I opted in. Its been months and months but despite the pandemic they have begun shipping EMO but being in the UK I was not expecting to receive EMO AI Desktop Pet before the last quarter of 2021. But an innocuous parcel arrived today from China and as I started to undo it I realised it was EMO so decided to video the unboxing. In this Part 1, I unboxed my EMO AI Desktop Pet and his extras here is the link: In this Part 2 I will charge him up and waken him to my crazy world. In Part 3 In did a problem solving video. make sure you subscribe. In Part 4 of my EMO AI Desktop Pet Robot Videos where I looked into some of the Speech Recognition commands. In this video EMO responds to the voice command EMO Dance Malcolm aka @FIXED1T #fixed1tAIrobots #EMO #troubleshootingrobots #fixed1tROBOTrepairs #toyREPAIRshed #fixed1t

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