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Friday, 23 November 2018

Capsulier Lite - Unboxing To Coffee Making Part 2

In Part 1 of this video unboxing, reviewing and testing the "Capsulier Lite" I unboxed it and tested its ability to making a Nespresso compatible coffee capsule, and in this video I get to make a coffee from the coffee pos capsule and give you the results.

It does exactly what I wanted, it fills Nespresso Refillable capsule but does it make a good cup of coffee, watch the video and find out.

Regards Malcolm aka #fixed1tPRODUCTreviews

Capsulier Lite - Unboxing To Coffee Making Part 1

I've been sent a great Nespresso Machine Capsule Refilling product called the Capsulier Lite to Unbox, Test, Review and make coffee capsules of my favourite coffee. This part one is the unboxing and review, in Part 2 I'll be putting the coffee it makes from the reusable capsule it fills, to the test. If you like Nespresso machine made coffee but would like to make pods of your own this is a great machine. P.s. I'm not being paid to do this review or to recommend the Capsulier Lite. 

Regards Malcolm aka #fixed1t PRODUCTreviews

Thursday, 15 November 2018

I Decided To Realise My Work On Fixed1t Youtube Channel As A Job

I began producing monetised YouTube videos in 2013. As of Nov 2018 my first video (1 of 528) has been viewed over 240,000 times a staggering 590,000 minutes and earned me just under £700. My simple quartz clock repair video has been watched over 582,000 times and will have saved almost an equal number of clocks from being thrown into landfill and I get regular thank you's from India and across the world. This is certainly a massive Eco Green initiative I couldn't possibly have dreamed of.
May I thank all of you who have watched and shared my videos and the best thing is nobody got injured, humiliated (other than me) and discriminated against.
Don't forget to check out the fixed1t YouTube channel because fixing things is incredibly rewarding. Malcolm aka #fixed1t

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Polymorph Plastic Mould Crushes Android Tablet Screen

Constricting Danger of #polymorph ThermoPlastic

I decided to make a screen replacement alignment mould for a Nexus 7 Android Tablet and moulding process went without a hitch, so I went away and left it to cool.  The Polymorph Mould Crushed and Destroyed The Android Tablet Screen #fixed1tANDROIDtip that was some years ago.

However, I recently found this screen still embedded in the Polymorph and went to move it, as I did the glass shattered further firing shards and splinters of glass everywhere. Thankfully I was wearing a pair of Bolle Tracker safety glasses that protected my eyes as I had glass splinters in my hair and in particles around my face and eyes.  This particular set of safety glasses has a thick foam edge that has moulded to my face creating an effective shield.

With these wrap around padded glasses on I would have seriously injured my eyes.

It's for this reason I recommend the Bolle Professional Safety Glasses


Sunday, 22 October 2017

Amazing Subscriber Support - Just Got Gifted $2

I know they say little things amuse little minds, but!

I am so happy, it may only be $2 but it feels like winning the lottery to me.

After 3 million views and thousands of grateful messages from viewers of the hours, days weeks or lifetimes of work I've saved, how they have recovered lost videos and photographs they thought lost, how they recovered crucial videos for projects, work, weddings and funerals.  Some Kind Guy Has Actually Gifted Me $2 through the support_fixed1t button thats appears in the top right hand of my videos near the end.

Thanks for all the support

Malcolm aka fixed1t


Monday, 30 January 2017

5 second fix UV Glue Surfaces Preparation

I forgot to mention in my previous video, that it is important to rough up the surfaces of the object you are fixing to ensure good grip for the glue on the item.

5 Second UV Epoxy Glue Fiction And Fact Part 2

This doesn't mean that you have to make a mess of it with lots of rubbing to sand paper or a heavy file, it just need the micro surface of the two faces you are working on roughened.

Quite often the clear 5 second fix glue

will then fill in these scratches and they will no longer be visible.  If you don't roughen up the surfaces the glue won't stick fully.

Here is the glue I used in this project from:

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

Amazon Canada

5 Second UV Epoxy Glue Fiction And Fact Part 2

Using 5 Second UV Epoxy Glue Part 2. Enough reviewing, lets give it plastic on plastic test on a probe which has failed to glue together in the past. #fixed1tRESEARCHtips

Here is the glue I used in this project from:

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

Amazon Canada