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Sunday, 11 April 2021

Robots In The Shower - The Start

 When your crazy Tardis is as full as mine, finding places to let the robots your fixing do their stuff is ever increasingly difficult especially as I haven't been selling during the lockdown, so as to avoid trips to the Post Office to post things.  Then just over a week ago, I was sat contemplating the world on the throne of life when I realised the shower cubicle especially in our loft conversion would be perfect.  Also around the same time one of the special needs kids I work with asked me if my #fixed1t was on TikTok, as I wasn't I thought I'd surreptitiously combine all three items: Robots, Shower Cubical and TikTok into a cunning plan.

The plan is to demonstrate all of my robots, fixed, modified or interesting in the shower cubicle many times and to put the videos on #fixed1t Youtube and a special version on a new fixed1t TikTok channel.

Amazingly, its actually going well, I have made 4 quick videos 1 minute each.

The first robot I chose was the extremely rare and bordering on cute WowWee Femisapian, a female looking robot designed for all the techie girls who were obviously getting incensed that all the humanoid robots were portrayed as male.  This catwalk moving woman may not be seen as PC at this time but back them it was seen by WowWee marketing as new ground. Sadly it wasn't as popular as it male counterparts were.  Here is the WowWee femisapien walking the walk.

Robots In The Shower 1 - WowWee femisapien

For the second video I decided to choose another of my little used favourites. This is quite frankly a huge and extremely strong monster of a robot again from WowWee but this one is called the Roboboa. Now you may think that sounds like a Boa Constrictor? and if so you'd be right, it is and over a metre on length.  I've been planning to modify the roboboa for some time to make it more than a dancing and roving snake, but as usual 'too many projects'.  One of its tasks is as a Toy Room security bot, it has infra red sensors built into its head along with a couple of microphones so it is more than capable of hearing a sound, looking towards it and detecting any heat signature of a person or creature in the room (brother, sister, friend or others), the infra red is very sensitive and the speakers very loud as it screams of an intruder. I think I need to do some interesting mods on roboboa.  In the meantime here is roboboa strutting his stuff in my shower.

Robots In The Shower 2 - WowWee Roboboa Robot Snake

The third culprits for Robots In The Shower are a couple of utterly bonkers RAMON robots by TECHMATIX and these robots are just plain crazy.  They jabber and chat along to themselves endlessly which can't have enamoured them to the parents, friends and partners of the robots owners. There also doesn't appear to be a way to turn down the volume.  In this video they are doing one of their dances although given that the sound and the gears are very loud its hard to tell what it is.  The Ramon's came with a headset and attached control box so you are supposed to be able to control them from the headset by speech, I'll have to leave that for another time. Here are the RAMON's strutting their stuff in my shower.

Robots In The Shower 3 - TECHMATIX RAMON

The fourth robot in the shower is one of my favourites, he's a Chinese Robot from Shengen robot ally.  He was created by CityEasy.  When I got him he was called Bobi Bobi and responded to Bobi Bobi as the key for a series of voice commands. This didn't work particularly well as his english commands only appeared to work if you spoke in a fake cartoon Chinese accent like the actors in the 50's and 60's B Movies.  But it worked all the same until one day he popped up and said he needed to do an urgent security update, stupidly I let him do so and suddenly he no longer responds to Bobi Bobi.  I tried putting calls out to City Easy and others, asking how I remove the update from his memory so I can reset him back to Bobi Bobi but to no avail. Here is the fixed1t video on the Bobi Bobi speech issue

However, he still connects to the internet and one of his party tricks, which goes down brilliantly with adults and children alike, is his rendition of Gangnam Style and he dances the dance here in part 4.

Robots In The Shower 4 - CityEasy Bobi Bobi

I hope you like the videos and check them all out and then subscribe to this Blog and to the #fixed1t youtube channel. If you want to show them to the kids and friends without scrolling through youtube then typing fixed1t into TikTok or #robotsintheshower into google will take you there.

This blog has been dormant for some time, other than videos I am posting, but If I get questions and interest here I will use it more to interact with my supporters and subscribers. You never know I may use it as a proper Blog rather than a photo and video album, but thats up to you.

Thanks for visiting, please leave a comment.

Malcolm aka #fixed1t


Wednesday, 24 March 2021

How To Iron Part 3 Man Ironing Charles Tyrwhitt Linen Shirt

Part 3 in teaching men how to iron their own clothes to military precision (a refresher for all those ex-military personnel who have forgot to mention to their partners they are really good at ironing) and lockdown is the perfect time to learn and practise so you can look your very best when you head back into the outside world looking like hair bears but in immaculately ironed and creased clothes.

Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T 





Sunday, 21 March 2021

Fortnite 3D VR Mix My Season 6 Zero Crisis Finale

#fixed1t3DVRvideos Here is another fixed1t 3D VR Side By Side Google Cardboard Video Conversion Mix As my Fortnite alter ego fixed1t_fixer I worked with Jonesy to avoid the total annihilation of the world in the catastrophe of the Zero Crisis Finale in the Zero Point. As with previous Fortnite season ending and starts with graphics and sound are amazing in 2D. But 3D VR Side By Side Google Cardboard video takes you right there with us. This video is also over 11 minutes long which means you get to experience it in full. If you weren't there, just find where you put thats 3D Viewing Headset for your phone, put your phone in it and come along and be part of the ride. Its a great role-coaster of action from start to finish. Once you've got your headset on and are comfortable with it, head over to this playlist and watch my other fixed1t 3D side-by-side videos. Come on do it, why be stuck at home bored when you can be out there in 3D space and time, what a great escape. Malcolm aka #fixed1t

Saturday, 20 March 2021

Your Package Has A Shipping Fee Text Message Mail Service Scam?

Like everybody currently in lockdown, I'm buying things on line with a lot coming from overseas even though it states Local Shipping. As I'm at home I don't have to worry about non delivery, but I know from experience having a parcel returned to sender can be very expensive or result in the loss or damage of an item, on top of the problem of having to repay for delivery and the subsequent delay in receiving the parcel. Its the new lockdown shipping fear. Therefore receiving a message saying a parcel is going to be returned is concerning and apt to get you to quickly respond. Should You? Lets investigate this and decide. Please don't forget to subscribe and share #fixed1t and my videos with others. Thanks Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  #fixed1t

Thursday, 11 March 2021

Unboxing Sony Rolly Dancing Bluetooth Music Player Part 2 Software Insta...

Unboxing Sony Rolly Dancing Bluetooth Music Player Part 2 Software Installation And Setup Click here for Part 1 before watching this video: This is Part 2 of an unboxing of an amazing Sony Rolly dancing bluetooth music player I've wanted to get hold of for years, luckily my internet time machine allowed me to travel back to 2008 and buy a what is an as new or brand new Sony Rolly SEP-30BT. So lets unbox this amazing technology and see if its as brilliant as the marketing in 2008 said. In this video I'll be installing the old Sony Rolly Windows XP CD based software on an Old Sony VAIO P4 15" Laptop I purchased broken from an old institution I worked for. This Is How I Installed The XP Software And fixed1t. In Part 3: That will be along shortly, I'll be testing this Sony Rolly SEP-30BT stand alone and with its Choreography software and Bluetooth Remote Control. Make sure you subscribe to be informed of this and all my other videos when they are published. Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T #fixed1tUNBOXINGvideos #unboxingvideos #fixed1t

Monday, 8 March 2021

Unboxing An Amazing Sony Rolly Dancing Bluetooth Music Player

This is the unboxing an amazing Sony Rolly dancing bluetooth music player I've wanted to get hold of for years, luckily my internet time machine allowed me to travel back to 2008 and buy a what is an as new or brand new Sony Rolly SEP-30BT. So lets unbox this amazing technology and see if its as brilliant as the marketing in 2008 said. In Part 2: I'll be setting up the testing the Sony Rolly SEP-30BT and installing the software. In Part 3: I'll give a demonstration of the software with a piece of music I'll compose for the video. Don't forget to Subscribe to this channel to ensure you are informed of the following parts and all of my other great fully tested and supported videos. Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  #fixed1tUNBOXINGvideos #fixed1t

Saturday, 6 March 2021

Apple Wireless Magic Mouse Rechargeable Batteries Workaround Fix

Rechargeable batteries not working in many devices is a common problem due to the design of some battery compartments, Its really a problem with this Apple Magic Wireless Bluetooth Mouse. This is the workaround fix I used to use Rechargeable Batteries with my Apple Wireless Magic Mouse as I got fed up of feeding it with expensive (over time) Alkaline Batteries. I had tried using rechargeable batteries in the past but they just wouldn't work period or they were constantly losing their connection with the mouse due to the design of the Apple Wireless Mouse Mouse positive battery connections in this battery compartment. Also this is a high power device so normal NMH rechargeable batteries don't last long which I why I movement to Nickel Zinc Ni-ZN as they have a voltage of 1.6v rather than the NMH or Nicad 1.2v Everything I use is in the video description below! Here's a link for Ni-Zn batteries and charger, they need a special charger: This is the great huge box of split washers I used really useful to have: If you want to see how I discovered the problem the link is at the start and end of the video. So Here Is How I fixed1t! Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  #fixed1t #fixed1tAPPLEsupport #diy