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Thursday, 14 January 2021

Fortnite Worst Player One Shot 2nd Place So Close To A Win

Yesterday Oliver aka #trickshotmaster2022 introduced my alter ego #fixed1t_fixer to ONE SHOT another crazy variant in Fortnite which was full of incredibly skilled 'Sweaty' players who can No Scope snipe somebody whilst flying through the air and bouncing around. I didn't do at all well, so I decided I'd have another go in the early hours. The first few games I obtained 16th, 9th and an 8th all of which was pretty good as you start of against 100 skilled players (I know they are killed because the unskilled players who don't like being slaughtered avoid such things). The last game before I went to my bed in the wee hours I got a stunning 2nd place against a flying sniping sweaty DEKU_0023 As usual my slow painful old arthritic fingers weren't quick enough and my reactions quick enough to pull off the win. This was made worse by the fact I was stupid enough to alert DEKU_0023 to my presence rather than doing my usual of waiting for the shot. But if only there were disability options that allowed me to build with the few remaining working fingers I'm left with. Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  aka Fortnite #fixed1t_fixer #FortniteONESHOT #fixed1tFORTNITEvideos

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Unboxing A Must Have Camera Articulating Crab Clamp Tripod Arm

Please use this free Link to purchase the arm to support fixed1t, it will cost you nothing but give me fractions of cents lol :

 Any photographer or videographer will tell you its those shots in tight spaces or odd closeups which are hardest to get, where there isn't enough space for a tripod or anything decent for your Gorilla Grip hand to grasp. This also goes for lighting macro shots or setting up a flash.  I've tried a number of items on the web but even the most attractive turn out to be easy to break plastic.

I was therefore really excited when I saw this Articulating Arm so I bought one.  In this Part 1 video I'll be unboxing what arrived and In part two I'll be testing it and putting it through its paces.

Today I'll Be Unboxing An

11 inch Articulating Magic Arm+Super Clamp Crab for DSLR Camera, LCD Monitor, LED Light Or Mobile Phone Tripod Head

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Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  

P.s. This reminds me to purchase another before they are all gone.

Sunday, 10 January 2021

Giottos Tripod Head With Perished Rubber Handles And Knobs Repair - Par...

I bought a GIOTTOS tripod from eBay but discovered that the GIOTTOS MH5010 Tripod Head controls were covered in a disgustingly sticky black goo which made it dirty and pretty much impossible to use. So I decided to attempt to clean it off. This video is in three parts as there are three parts to clean two arms and a screw knob. In this Part 1 I'm going to attempt to clean the vertical control arm with some 99.5% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL. Its something I've used before, but not on such an awful sticky mess. If you find this or any of my other videos on my  @FIXED1T  channel useful then please Like, Thumbs Up, Share And Subscribe. Thanks Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  #fixed1tMONEYSAVINGtips #fixed1t

Thursday, 7 January 2021

Fortnite Arena Duo Division 3 Teams With Division 8 What Could Go Wrong ...

Fortnite Arena Duo Division 3 Teams With Division 8 What Could Go Wrong + Item Shop Giveaway fixed1t_fixer Fortnite (Jan 2021) A friend of #trickshotmaster2022 Josh agreed to take me into Fortnite Arena Duo's. He's division 8 and the algorithm matches the division of the highest player with others in the same Division, so I'm up against deadly D8 sweaties. I convinced him to go to the end bus drop, as dropping straight into the action means my instant death, so I could live a few minutes. Getting 20th would be great for me. Also, watch out for the Fortnite Item Shop Giveaway item to the value of 300 VBucks, so watch carefully, you could get lucky. Players: Josh - Fortnite: joshmagill fixed1t Fortnite: fixed1t_fixer Sorry for the apparent repeat posting, but Oliver told me YOU CANT GIFT VBUCKS quite loudly and its true, despite the thousands of people claiming they can and go, so I'll send an item from the item shop to the value of 300 VBucks. Fortnite: fixed1t_fixer Malcolm aka @fixed1t

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Unboxing iPosible 8500mah iPhone Battery Case

Get iPossible here, a few cents go to support fixed1t at no cost to you: Unboxing iPosible 8500mah iPhone Battery Case For an iPhone 6 plus iPhone 6s plus iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus. This case offer all round protection and a staggering amount of backup power enough to do two or three iPhone charges. I use the battery pack everyday and especially when I'm making videos as turning on the video on an iPhone sucks all the juice out of the battery in no time at all and if the phone crashes you loose everything you video'ed I know I did it lots of times before I got a high power battery case. My previous case was 4000 mah enough for a couple of charges or an hour or so of video. If you haven't got one of these they are really great but I'd advise on getting a hip case for them as they are heavy, the more the power the heavier the battery case so if you see an ultra thin light case claiming 10,000 mah they are lying the 8500 case is 1/2" or around 1cm thick. But this case it really good as it also provides all round rubber protection to the phone. Please Subscribe To My fixed1t YouTube To Get Regular Updates Of My New Unboxing, Tutorial And Money Saving Tips Videos #fixed1tUNBOXINGvideos Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T 

Friday, 18 December 2020

Opening A Sphero SPRK+ And BOLT Without Destroying It Part 1

The SPHERO Bluetooth controlled balls are great but the batteries are inside its hard polycarbonate shell and once dead there is no replacement option available. To get to the batteries people have used hacksaws, bandsaws, lasers and heated wire, all destroy the Sphero Shell meaning that a cheaper plastic ornament shell has to be used which will break after a couple of drops or bangs or a lot of tape and glue. After many people watched my battery changing video on the SPRK+ they ask how do I do it. This two part video tells you how and highlights the ISSUES and PITFALLS faced in undertaking the opening of a sphero and in breaking the ultrasonic weld that holds it together. This Is How I Open A Sphero SPRK+ BOLT And Others Without Destroying It! Watch the entire video before you consider doing this but all the information wont be there until I finish video two, its in two parts as people rarely if ever watch my than 3 mins of a video so eleven minutes is pushing it. But the video could save your sphero and impatience could and may well wreck it. I of course make no warranty for my solutions I used for my own sphero's and taken no responsibility for anybody else trying it, but it works for me. Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  #fixed1t

Thursday, 10 December 2020

Unboxing SPHERO specdrums To Tap Colours And Make Music

As a lifelong musician I've always enjoyed making music whether it was one tips metal and glass as a child or keyboards and guitars in my twenties. I've always also had a fascination for technology and particularly music and sound making technology which led to my building huge modular analogue synthesisers and gizmo's since the early 1980's. So when I saw the Sphero specdrums I thought wow another musical toy to play with, tapping colours to make music. As I saw some massively reduced I couldn't resist so here is the unboxing. They are in really short supply this Christmas but I got mine here: if you use this link they add a few cents to my account which helps pay for the toys I Buy then review, and it costs you nothing. I think they also have amazing potential for my work with children on the autistic spectrum and special needs, and others with an iPad, pair or headphones and Sphero specdrums, they could find them suitably enthralling. Part 1: Unboxing Sphero specdrums Please Subscribe To My fixed1t YouTube Channel For Details Of The Release Date Of Part 2 Where I Will Show How Set Up And Control The Sphero specdrums Malcolm aka @FIXED1T #fixed1t