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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Dung Beetle In Rock Dunes Near Daymer Bay Beach In Cornwall UK

After walking from Rock round to Daymer Bay Beach in Cornwall we walked back over the dunes and stumbled across this Dung Beetle rounding up some rabbit droppings. So I filmed him. No music just the birds, sea and my occasional breath. Feel free to share it and give it a like or thumbs up if you wish you'd have been there :-)

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Timelapse Flowering Daffodil Guarded By Robosapien Robot

I made this when Debbie came home with a single closed broken daffodil which was all alone. It was a great opportunity to try out a time-lapsed iPhone App.  From around midnight it snatched a frame every 90 seconds.  I'm sorry the Robot doesn't move but I'm not that crazy as to spend all night moving a limb every 90 seconds ;-) Well not just yet LOL  Please share it widely in Peace and Love.

Monday, 9 March 2015

How To Apply 24 Carat Gold Leaf Gilding To A Hand Written Card

Found a great blank card for my mate Matt's Birthday, and decided to add some 24 carat Gold Leaf text of my own, left over from electronic circuit experiments. Here's how I gilded the card. My tip, but don't try and do it 2 hours before the party ;-) as the quicker you try to do it, the more messy it can become as it stick to sweaty time stressed hands. LOL

As you can see it isn't that difficult, I've put a link below to where I purchased my Gold Leaf, Brush and Gilding Sizing.

Link To Buy Gold Leaf, Brushes and Gilding Sizing (the sticky glue you must use)

It's a great way to add something extra special to a card, a book or any other present, and is messy and therefore fun.

Happy Gilding