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Saturday, 31 October 2020

SPHERO Battery Replacement Opened With No Sawing Or Cutting Part 1

The SPHERO Bluetooth controlled balls are great but the batteries are inside its hard polycarbonate shell and once dead! so is SPHERO with no replacement option. I bought this SPHERO EDU SPRK+ as a present, I like to buy very expensive items when they stop working so they are cheap ;-) yes my friend calls me Scrooge, but why spend $30 dollars on a new item that kids will use half a dozen times do to is low functionality when you can spend $30 on a top of the range item that cost hundreds of dollars but needs a bit of tender loving care. I've watched a number of battery changing videos on SPHERO and in all of them I fell about laughing watching people completely wreck the ball with hacksaws, bandsaws, lasers, heated knives and wire to get access to the batteries. Then after changing the batteries they put the Sphero in a cheap thin plastic ball which will crack and break at the first drop. So as usual I decided to devise my own method to show they can be opened and worked on without totally destroying the shell. Part 1: Now Its My Turn, can I fixed1t? #fixed1tMONEYSAVINGtips Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T 

Thursday, 15 October 2020

How To Fix Stuck Or Loose Fitting Door Hinges

Banging and rattling none closing doors are annoying and can be very draughty. They are also a potential hazard if you have elderly relatives or inquisitive small children or pets looking for somewhere to mark or chew or for food stuff to steal. I had this problem with the door to my wife 'Chocolate Making Workshop' and here's how I fixed the stuck open door and loose fitting door hinges. As with all my fully tested and working videos they are deliberately long to fully explain why I am doing what I do, rather than short videos which barely able to give a solution and are near impossible to follow without replaying them again and again.
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Malcolm aka @FIXED1T

Cataloging My Increasing Number of Drives And Disks With DiskCatalogMaker

 If your like me, the data you have accumulated and continue to accumulate is enormous.  I just spent the last few weeks going through old drive looking for some software I developed decades ago, and thanks to an old copy of DiskCatalogMaker RE that came with my Mac Toast disc writing software from decades ago I managed to find what I was looking for.  I also bought a huge 1000 cd/dvd case to put my disks in for cataloguing then discovered that DiskCatalogMaker RE wont let me store the disk index number.  So I just upgraded to a full version and its great.

As a Toast user I got an extra discount which is great.  I did consider transferring the data to a filmmaker database I made but DiskCatalogMaker is faster and the file is smaller than I could create in filemaker.

This is great software and a must for keep those data hungry drives in check.

Malcolm aka @fixed1t #fixed1t

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Fortnite 3D VR Amazing Season 4 Wolverine Battlepass Trailer

This is a side by side 180 3D Google Cardboard video of the amazing Fortnite 3D VR Amazing Season 4 Wolverine Battlepass Trailer made to introduce Wolverine to Fortnite Season 4. The graphics are stunning in 2D as I'm sure you all agree, but 3D offers amazing extras depth and reality, and the joking tongue in cheek storyline is brilliant and being in 3D you get a great being there visual reality experience. Check it out, this is you'll need to use a phone 3D headset or Google Cardboard, and you simply set the resolution of this video to high and slot it in the headset and set ip playing, you can also watch it on a 3D TV and more Professional 3D Phone headsets. I hope you like it, and check out the links to my other 3D Videos and subscribed to my fixed1t youtube channel. I'm also fixed1t_fixer on PS4.
So time to take that iPhone, Samsung or other 3D Viewing headset you bought on impulse from off the shelf, out of the draw, out of the cupboard or out of the toy box and try it on, its a great way to watch things and I have plenty of videos to watch.
Thanks Malcolm aka fixed1t_fixer aka @FIXED1T ​
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How To Freeze And Store Carrots To Save Money And Prevent Food Waste

Food waste is a major problem world wide and also waste the people who buy it a huge amount of money. So anything we can do to reduce food waste whilst saving us money is a great thing, right? So here is a tip my wife devised to save us throwing away huge quantities for carrots we never got around to eating before they became inedible.

You may ask why did we buy more than we needed, well its cheaper to buy in bulk than in a few small packets that never seem to have enough in for a weeks shopping. This is a great tip and follows on from our really successful 'Mushroom Freezing Tip' which you will find here or linked at the end of this video.

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Malcolm aka


Saturday, 3 October 2020

Unboxing A Vintage Zebra Tap Reseater Set

What is a ZEBRA Tap Reseating Tool Set?

I have a leak from a mixer tap in a bathroom sink, but as its a mixer tap its not easy to see which of the taps is leaking or where the leak is coming from. Now most people think that you just turn off the water and dismantle to tap and put a new washer in it, but thats only part of the job. As I live in a very hard water area with severe limescale, replacing just the washer may give only brief relief from the leak if it works at all. To do the job properly I need a Tap Reseating Tool, and in the next couple of videos I'll show you how to check and prepare a reseating tool, how to find the tap leak, then how to use this Zebra Reseating Tool System to fix my leak properly and professionally saving me hundreds of dollars over several taps.
As my once new home is over 15 years and my arthritis is progressing, I plan to check out my other taps over the next few weeks so they will all last longer then my ability to fix them with my old arthritic hands LOL

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Malcolm aka


Very Lazy Dogs Having A Duvet Day

For years I resisted having a dog then after I was made redundant my wife was looking for a dog as I was now working from home, which had always been the agreement, but I wasn't a dog lover. No much worse, I really couldn't stand having them sniffing a licking or jumping on me. That all changed when I met Bree, as soon as the rescue home brought her round and she ran around then sat by me and snuggled up to me in the garden I was smitten. Since then she's stolen my heart, and often my bed. Of course before Bree I always said, dogs should stay outside in kennels, then dogs should stay downstairs, dogs shouldn't go on the furniture, and eat only plain dog food but that all went to pot. Once Bree settled in Debbie suggested we going on a charity walk with Accolade Hounds, the charity we got Bree from. On the walk I was carrying three years old Oliver on my shoulders, when he saw Prince, a skinny dog with three legs and Oliver who played and chatted daily with my humanoid Robots and Robot dogs, announced that as I fix robots legs I'd make skippy a robot leg. At the walk rest stop I joked with the head of the charity about it over a rest break cup of tea and sausages for the dogs and the next thing I know she's ringing me up asking when she can bring him round. Prince almost didn't settle in as he and Bree were not happy bedfellows (in fact it was that we were ignorant to the fact that Lurchers, Saluki's and Greyhounds Like to play fight). Then one day I was out walking them when I found myself whistling the theme tune to the Australian Kids Programme 'Skippy The Bush Kangaroo' and I realised it was because Princes single back leg made him bounce like a Kangaroo, so I renamed him, Skippy. Then we had two wonderful dogs. But they have kind of taken over, but they are so loving and attentive its obvious why we allow it. During Covid19 lockdown they have been constant companions and such fun. But sometimes the stretch the boundaries like all teenagers as they did today!
Thus - Very Lazy Dogs Having A Duvet Day

Malcolm aka

Thursday, 1 October 2020

T RAX Heavy Duty Racking System Metal Shelving Construction Nightmare Fix

I selected the T-RAX Heavy Duty Metal Shelving System from many of eBay as it have some pretty good reviews and looked straight forward to build. Its blue paint coat mild steel seems pretty strong as do the MDF (Micro Density Fibre Board) shelves.

The manual was poor and difficult to follow and once I started trying to put it together it turned into a frigging nightmare. It should be simple and straight forward but its not, poor design makes every piece a complete pain to place and secure. My 20 minute job took all afternoon for the first one, with three more to build. Luckily the methods I devised to construct it shorted the building of another shelf to just over 40 mins.

If you are thinking of buying these T-RAX Heavy Duty Metal Racking System, then watch all of this video or risk injury and madness lol

Malcolm aka @FIXED1T ​