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Saturday, 3 October 2020

Very Lazy Dogs Having A Duvet Day

For years I resisted having a dog then after I was made redundant my wife was looking for a dog as I was now working from home, which had always been the agreement, but I wasn't a dog lover. No much worse, I really couldn't stand having them sniffing a licking or jumping on me. That all changed when I met Bree, as soon as the rescue home brought her round and she ran around then sat by me and snuggled up to me in the garden I was smitten. Since then she's stolen my heart, and often my bed. Of course before Bree I always said, dogs should stay outside in kennels, then dogs should stay downstairs, dogs shouldn't go on the furniture, and eat only plain dog food but that all went to pot. Once Bree settled in Debbie suggested we going on a charity walk with Accolade Hounds, the charity we got Bree from. On the walk I was carrying three years old Oliver on my shoulders, when he saw Prince, a skinny dog with three legs and Oliver who played and chatted daily with my humanoid Robots and Robot dogs, announced that as I fix robots legs I'd make skippy a robot leg. At the walk rest stop I joked with the head of the charity about it over a rest break cup of tea and sausages for the dogs and the next thing I know she's ringing me up asking when she can bring him round. Prince almost didn't settle in as he and Bree were not happy bedfellows (in fact it was that we were ignorant to the fact that Lurchers, Saluki's and Greyhounds Like to play fight). Then one day I was out walking them when I found myself whistling the theme tune to the Australian Kids Programme 'Skippy The Bush Kangaroo' and I realised it was because Princes single back leg made him bounce like a Kangaroo, so I renamed him, Skippy. Then we had two wonderful dogs. But they have kind of taken over, but they are so loving and attentive its obvious why we allow it. During Covid19 lockdown they have been constant companions and such fun. But sometimes the stretch the boundaries like all teenagers as they did today!
Thus - Very Lazy Dogs Having A Duvet Day

Malcolm aka

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