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Saturday, 3 October 2020

Unboxing A Vintage Zebra Tap Reseater Set

What is a ZEBRA Tap Reseating Tool Set?

I have a leak from a mixer tap in a bathroom sink, but as its a mixer tap its not easy to see which of the taps is leaking or where the leak is coming from. Now most people think that you just turn off the water and dismantle to tap and put a new washer in it, but thats only part of the job. As I live in a very hard water area with severe limescale, replacing just the washer may give only brief relief from the leak if it works at all. To do the job properly I need a Tap Reseating Tool, and in the next couple of videos I'll show you how to check and prepare a reseating tool, how to find the tap leak, then how to use this Zebra Reseating Tool System to fix my leak properly and professionally saving me hundreds of dollars over several taps.
As my once new home is over 15 years and my arthritis is progressing, I plan to check out my other taps over the next few weeks so they will all last longer then my ability to fix them with my old arthritic hands LOL

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