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Saturday, 27 September 2014

How To Neutralise Superglue White Residue On Jewellery

People regularly use superglue as its cheap and supposedly quick to use.  The problem is it was design the stick skin together and you need to use the tiniest amounts.  Unfortunately is so free running that its easy to use too much and end up with a terrible white mess.  Cleaning Super Glue (superglue) White Residue Off isn't easy without destroying the object, so I started to look for alternatives when given a messed up Necklace: In fact there is a simple solution, so simple That I Don't Know Why I hadn't Seen It Before.

It works every time on heat resistant materials.

Why You Shouldn't Use Superglue For Jewellery Repair

Why You Shouldn't Use Superglue For Jewellery Repair: It's not as useful as people think.

Monday, 8 September 2014

UK Speed Camera New Design - Just Seen

This video is about UK Speed Camera New Design - Just Seen

It looks like a new speed camera, and not a design I've seen before especially as there were no visible white lines on the floor.  Drive safely and carefully and watch your speed!  If you don't then this baby looks like it will do it for you without you even seeing it or the flash.  Did you know in Germany they also use front facing cameras as they lead to quick, no fuss payment.  If you don't pay they send a picture of the driver and passenger to your home, and often late night travellers don't want their other half seeing who was in the passenger seat and where they were going ;-) A Cunning Plan If Ever I Heard One ;-)