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Friday, 27 November 2015

Green Screen Steam Iron Stupidity - Danger Man With Steam Iron

If your a regular or subscriber to my fixed1t blog, you'll know I've recently been playing about with using green screen to add interesting backgrounds to me tutorial style videos.   Although it works well, unless your screen is even and therefore consistent, you end up having to play with the colours etc to get rid of any lines or creases in the screen.  I planned a long session today to video ROB my perfect Robosapien V2 in action, as I am selling him in a few days on eBay.  So before videoing ROB I decided to Steam Iron the creases out of my Greens, and cleverly video it for other new Green Screen users... Oops  Stupidity turned it into a disaster LOL #fixed1ttip

Monday, 24 August 2015

Eating Our Home Grown Potatoes

So what has become of our Potato Grow Bag, home grown potatoes.

A third of them were used by Debs to make this gorgeous roast chicken salad, the the potatoes and chicken still hot from cooking, it was delicious with a little white wine.

If you not growing you own veg, your missing out on a taste sensation.

If you haven't watch the video to see how easy it is the harvest the potatoes from the bag then you can watch it by clicking on this link:

Harvesting Home Grown Potatoes From My Potato Grow Bag fixed1t Video


Sunday, 23 August 2015

Harvesting Home Grown Potatoes From My Potato Grow Bag Sack

There is something satisfying and tasty about eating your own home grown produce, and is very carbon friendly, i.e. straight from garden to kitchen to mouth.  In this video I'm Harvesting Potatoes From My Potato Grow Sack in the follow up video I will harvest from a sack the compost came in, which is best? #fixed1tgardening

Friday, 21 August 2015

Complete fixed1t Robot Videos Playlist

As Ollikins, Pascal and their friends children like watching my youtube robot videos I've decided to put them all into a single fixed1t Robot Playlist.  Click below to go to youtube and see the list.  #fixed1t

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Light Aircraft Bird Strike Near Miss

We were walking our Lurcher Bree and spotted a light aircraft in a field runway on the local golf course, about to take off.  I videoed it on my iPhone, but it was only when editing that I realised I'd videoed a 'Bird Strike Near Miss'. A lucky day for the Pilot.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Despite Her Long Walk Lurcher Bree Likes Racing Round Our Garden

Despite Her Long Walk Lurcher Bree Loves Garden Racing - a fun loving non-barking loving gentle dog.  If you work at home, need to increase your exercise (a couple of walks per day) but need silence to work when most of the other dogs around are constantly barking, and somebody who is great with kids, special needs children and adults and pops in occasionally on you from there sleeping bed to check your okay and have a cuddle I can recommend a Lurcher.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Every House Should Have A Retro DJX IIB Beat Box

I showed 20 month old Ollikins his DJX IIB Scratching fixed1t YouTube video this afternoon.

Ollikins Scratching Out A Tune On My Old DJX IIB

And he pointed at himself scratching away on the DJX and giggled and said ME which means he's on development mark which is great. Then in his normal inquisitive manner he demanded more.

These DJX DJ mix style Beat Boxes

 DJX IIB Beatbox

were seen as toys shortly after their release and became heavily discounted as they didn't sell to the semi pro market.  But if your not a musician or have bored or highly inquisitive kids then these are great second hand items to buy.

The best thing for parents is they have a headphone output which cuts off the loud speakers.

I was lucky to get mine for £50 in a sale, but now they go for a lot less at auction

Click here to find one At Auction.

Happy DJX'ing


Sunday, 14 June 2015

Yamaha DJXIIB So Simple An Untrained Toddler Can Scratch Out Tunes On It

When babysitting I have no television unless obsoletely needed policy, and kids love it, whatever practical activity we are doing.  Ollikins spotted this DJX last time he was round, I don't think it will take him long to master it.

These DJX DJ mix style Beat Boxes

 DJX IIB Beatbox

were seen as toys shortly after their release and became heavily discounted as they didn't sell to the semi pro market.  But if your not a musician or have bored or highly inquisitive kids then these are great second hand items to buy.

The best thing for parents is they have a headphone output which cuts off the loud speakers.

I was lucky to get mine for £50 in a sale, but now they go for a lot less at auction

Click here to find one At Auction.

Happy DJX'ing


Thursday, 11 June 2015

Bree Our adopted Greyhound Rescue Lurcher adopts Pooh Bear

When we were at a Dog Rescue event visiting #accoladehounds a few weeks ago I saw this enormous Pooh Bear which I bought to give to Ollikins (see my other videos) but before I could do that Bree the Lurcher arrived, found herself the best seat to look out of the lounge into the garden, and adopted Pooh.

Now she sleeps during the day and in the evening with her head in Pooh's lap and is very content.

It's a dog life.

But when she not lying down she's leaping about


Beautiful Lurcher Playing Solo Ball Chase Bouncing Like Tigger

This video is about Beautiful 2 year old Lurcher we adopted 6 days ago that seems to have settled in like she been with us years. We had no idea when we threw her a ball she would go on to give such an amazing display by Playing Solo Ball Chase Bouncing Like Tigger.  This was after a 45 minute walk.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Blocking Apple iPhone Harrassing Nuisance Call Numbers And Contacts

After yet another PPI nuisance call I decided to blocked the number on my iPhone.  The process is not hard but dialling the number by accident can be expensive.  So here is how I do it so as not to be charged.

Was this useful, please consider sharing it with others and check out my other blogs.

Thanks #fixed1t

How I Aspirate My Painful Ganglion Cysts To Regain Hand Function

I got another painful Ganglion Cyst on my index finger knuckle, these are so painful when knocked that I've know people give up type and doing things due to the pain and lack of mobility in their hands.  Sod That I like doing things with my hands.   I had been to the GP before with one of these, it took me a while to get an appointment, he said that it may be removed by squeezing it, with the caveat "how are you with pain" it did ****** hurt. He then said to come back and he would aspirate it.

I finger prick my fingers many times a day to test my blood glucose, aspirating blood from the veins,  so I decided to use my finger pricker on it, and it worked. As the knuckle was bruised I wasn't sure if finger pricker went too deep, so the next time I got one I decided to use the Lancet on its own, with great effect.

I have to say  "Don't try this at home" to cover myself.  I do this whenever I get one of these.  Being a Type 1 Diabetic having had the condition for around 36 years, I seem prone to these minor problems.

Despite taking insulin for 36 years I currently have none of the usual complications and have led a very active life and sometimes bonkers active life.  I have never been hospitalised for my diabetes and in 35 years never had a hypo that I couldn't treat myself, using common sense.


Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Google Mobile-Friendly Test News - Testing the fixed1t blogger blog

I've been working hard over the past week to modify all of my websites to make that fully compatible with the Google Mobile-Friendly Test edict.

I submitted:

It Passed

I am pleased to announce it passed, so you should therefore have no difficulties searching for anything you remember from the fixed1t blogger blog page.

Thank you for your continued support.


Saturday, 25 April 2015

A Sweet Toddler Happily Helping With House Work

When I saw Ollikins doing this yesterday it made me chuckle. By the time I got the phone out he'd emptied it, so in true toddler game fashion, I put it all back in.  ;-) He just grinned and emptied it again, and more. What my late mother would have called a little trooper.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner WV50 - Best Tested Technique

I finished Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner WV50 VAC'ing the rest of the insides of the windows, patio doors and glass doors and here are the results:

1) Its a remarkably fast process and really easy learn and master.

2) Doing all of the windows with the WV50 merely generated just over a centimetre of dirty water in the container.

Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner WV50

Just 1cm of dirty water from over 10 windows and doors.
The best technique is:

i) Wet and gently scrub the window with a none abrasive Soft Cloth
ii) Start from the bottom of the window and stroke upwards
iii) Once you get to just below the centre of the window turn the WV50 upright and begin stroking down the window and come down to 10 below the dirty water line from the upward sweet.
iv) Don't let the glass dry out , instead quickly wipe off any residence from the window with clean  micro fibre cloth.

Using this method I was able to wash, wipe and polish each window in a few minutes.

I thoroughly recommend the Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner WV50

Click here to find them on eBay

Click here to find them on Amazon

Regards fixed1t

Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner WV50 Real Life Test

If you hate getting soaked cleaning the indoor windows this device could be the one for you especially if you can pick one up cheaply. fixed1t tested.

 I thoroughly recommend the Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner WV50

Click here to find them on eBay

Click here to find them on Amazon

Regards fixed1t

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Childs Stair Gate Safety Modification - Bath Time Update

The reports are that Ollikins hasn't been able to open the gate, although he has shown interest in fiddling with the Polymorph.

As its shaped into a pendulum after he's move it away (obviously copying the adults) it falls back over the lower catch as soon as he lets go. This means he can't lift the top.

His mum was relieved that whilst she finished preparing his bath and he wondered around in his birthday suit, she didn't have the worry over him opening the Stair Gate behind her.

Since not being able to open it, he has also lost interest in trying, prefer to whimper and lift his arms up to be carried over it.

I'm pleased with the result of this simple modification and hopefully it will keep him safe on the landing for some time to come.

His Geeky Uncle fixed1t

Saturday, 18 April 2015

How I Made A Wooden Extending Stair Gate More Difficult For Toddler To Open

This wooden extending stair gate was safe for a while but once toddlers get to a certain size and ingenuity they learn to open them.

This video shows an 18 month old toddler proudly and easily defeating the locking mechanism and opening the gate, falling forward falling as he uses his weight to move it.  After a fixed1t simple modification, he unhappily discovers he can no longer open the gate.

This simple modification made the gate a little safer and last longer.  Please send to anyone who may have one of these so they or somebody they know can make this simple modification as I'm not on mums net ;-)

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Dyson DC39 Grey Release Button Found But I'm Not Impressed

After much badgering from supporters of the Dyson DC39 about a mysterious 'Grey Button' which would remove the need for my 'Bent Metal Coat Hanger' emptying Tip, I stumbled on it, but it wasn't as helpful as I was led to believe, here's the video. What do you think?

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Dung Beetle In Rock Dunes Near Daymer Bay Beach In Cornwall UK

After walking from Rock round to Daymer Bay Beach in Cornwall we walked back over the dunes and stumbled across this Dung Beetle rounding up some rabbit droppings. So I filmed him. No music just the birds, sea and my occasional breath. Feel free to share it and give it a like or thumbs up if you wish you'd have been there :-)

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Timelapse Flowering Daffodil Guarded By Robosapien Robot

I made this when Debbie came home with a single closed broken daffodil which was all alone. It was a great opportunity to try out a time-lapsed iPhone App.  From around midnight it snatched a frame every 90 seconds.  I'm sorry the Robot doesn't move but I'm not that crazy as to spend all night moving a limb every 90 seconds ;-) Well not just yet LOL  Please share it widely in Peace and Love.

Monday, 9 March 2015

How To Apply 24 Carat Gold Leaf Gilding To A Hand Written Card

Found a great blank card for my mate Matt's Birthday, and decided to add some 24 carat Gold Leaf text of my own, left over from electronic circuit experiments. Here's how I gilded the card. My tip, but don't try and do it 2 hours before the party ;-) as the quicker you try to do it, the more messy it can become as it stick to sweaty time stressed hands. LOL

As you can see it isn't that difficult, I've put a link below to where I purchased my Gold Leaf, Brush and Gilding Sizing.

Link To Buy Gold Leaf, Brushes and Gilding Sizing (the sticky glue you must use)

It's a great way to add something extra special to a card, a book or any other present, and is messy and therefore fun.

Happy Gilding


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Hot Rolling A Polymorph Replacment Cog From Surrounding Cogs And Gears

Lots of toys and gadgets have plastic gears as they are cheap, but a prone to fatigue and breaking.  Parts are often not available turning the device into broken landfill.  Here is a simple method to be worked on, for model making and repair.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Clockwork Black - Wendy Carlos

Utterly brilliant, Wendy is such an inventive composer and arranger and use of the Theremin and Vocoder adds a really creepy nightmarish quality, you can close yours eyes and see the things scurying around in dark corners.  Reminds me of Danny skulking in Castle Dixon with his Arp 2600 in virtual darkness.  This would have been brilliant for the film 'Night Watch'.  Actually what would be disturbing is a remake of clockwork orange with some of the original cast as old, bitter and guilt ridden old people. 

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Brain Teaser - Is Your Visual Acuity Up To Solving These 4 Puzzles?

Here are four simple brain teaser visual puzzles.  The first few are simple then they require much more concentration.  If you don't get them all or want to check your results email me for the highlighted pics through this blog.

They are really worth a go.  It shows how little detail has to change before we spot it.


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Necklace Link Ring Sealing With My Thickened Superglue

Super thick Superglue (from the failed fixed1t Superglue experiment Videos) turns out to be perfect for accurate jewellery link repairs ;-) Plucking success from experimental failure is what makes for great experimentation LOL But like the history of science I should say: "But of course Super thick Superglue was exactly what I set pot to make" ;-) LOL

Please check out my other videos.