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Sunday, 21 February 2021

How To Fix SKY Email unable to verify account name or password On A PC

This video shows you how I fixed my SKY Email alert message and email lock claiming it is unable to verify account name or password on my Apple MacBook Pro but the problem is exactly the same and with the same fix on a Microsoft Windows machine. The deliberate SKY email problem also affects all phones and tablets and I'll be publishing a Part 2 video to fix those platforms. This is the ONLY FIX Deleting the email account won't fix it neither will typing in new passwords of your own, but be ready to copy any new password you create during this video because they aren't available twice. I recommend you watch the entire video if you want to solve the problem as skipping through wont do it. Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  #fixed1tITsupport #fixed1t Make sure you Subscribe to fixed1t to be informed about part 2 and any of my new video releases.

Monday, 15 February 2021

Zen And The Art of Ironing Part 2: Ironing Polyester Cotton Shirt

Looking good makes you feel good its what everybody knows but many miss the chance by not ironing their clothes to impress themselves or others. Some clothes look great casual straight out of the wash, but others don't. If you leave the ironing of your clothes to somebody else, then you are going away the opportunity to be one with your style you are saying I'm as smart as as somebody else makes me and I need others to do the jobs for me. Iron your own clothes and wear them with pride. Its also a naturally mindful process, you need to be relaxed to do the best job, and remove the other matters from your mind and concentrate on you and the hot iron.

There has never been a better time to learn to iron and have pride in your self made appearance.

Cheap Conductive Black PLA Is It Real Or A Scam?

If your looking at creating something using a 3D Printer that needs to be flexible and conduct electricity, then Conductive PLA is an interesting way to go. You can print all manner of circuits directly into a design cutting out the need for addition printed circuit boards or soldering irons. I have a couple of sensor projects I want to do where Salt Water and other PCB corrosive chemicals will be used. Copper boards and metallic sensors don't do well in such environments. Obviously, using plastic means you wont be able to shift a lot of current as heat will damage the PLA but for low voltage work it should be fine. The question is How Good Is Conductive PLA? Like many of these things there is the Very Expensive and the cheap (but also expensive). So I decide to start with the cheaper conductive PLA as I wasn't even sure if the project would work. However it seems there is an awful lot of scam PLA about so I'm going to test the batch of 5 metre packets of Conductive Black 1.75 mm PLA I bought for resistance and conductivity and see how good they are. Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T #fixed1t #fixed1t3DPRINTINGtips #fixed1tRESEARCHprojects

Thursday, 11 February 2021

Zen And The Art of Ironing Part 1: Ironing Trousers That Don't Need Creases

In the popular mind Zen is Deep Meditation something you have to work at for years, decades and lifetimes to achieve to block out the stresses of modern life and think of nothing or at least not about your compulsive materialism. Its supposed to be stress removing, but lots of people STRESS about the fact that they aren't de-stressing enough which to me is counter productive. I'm not religious or mystic but I did learn to mediate from a book and control my breathing and body functions etc when I was about 11 years old and read my fathers old 'The Power of the Mind' book around the same age, it was only when my mother caught me reading her 'Tropic of Cancer' about (Whales with 6 foot thingies) that I got a clip around the head, and I realise some books were for adults. My mother taught me to do some ironing as a kid, I liked to help out, but was so terrified I'd burn myself I stopped. I didn't really learn again until I joined the Army. The services are sticklers on cleanliness, polishing and above all ironing. Ironing instills pride in ones uniform and in the section, the squad the corps. I was good at it, nay very good at it and I could earn a little on the side ironing uniforms for others who found it difficult and some impossible. What I worked out that if you approached ironing in a relax manner, took your time, developed a routine, it became incredibly relaxing and with steam irons the sound is like the tide on a beach. In fact its almost impossible to think about others stresses whilst meticously ironing well, and even though the ironing can be tiring if there is a lot of it you ended up feeling great, if perhaps relieved when you finished and proud of the good work and sleep well. If people then pass positive comments on your well ironed clothes you feel great, job done. If your a MAN and you iron your own clothes then your something special, even if its the butt of peoples jokes, but it receives the stresses on the main ironer and means you are doing something together, a positive. So here is the first in my Zen And The Art of Ironing series using a Bosch Steam Iron and if you don't currently iron your own clothes this is the time to start, if your suffering during lockdown in particular it will take your mind off whats happening seriously get ironing, I've got no time is no longer an excuse ;-) Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  #fixed1tSTRESSBUSTINGtips #fixed1tSELFHELPtips #fixed1t

Fortnite How To Win Battle Lab Play By Stealth

I'm old and really bad at Fortnite, and I've discovered BATTLE LAB - PLAY and how to win battle lab by stealth, or at least I think I have and I'm about to test the theory. Battle Lab is a 3.5 hours Last Man Standing game giving you time to chat and team with other players, of course there are young sweats going around slaughtering people but with a team some guile and cunning you can mostly avoid them. However, given that when your killed you merely re-spawn there is no big problem, the only hassle about dying is you lose all your weapons and have to go looking for more. So you team and make friends but you of course have to mind what information you give out players and when as they said in World War Two "Loose Tongues Cost Lives". But I decided to be open and friendly whilst at the same time trying out a plan I'd put together to win, by stealth but I needed the help of others to stay alive and collect things and co-operation was the main watchword. This game allows you to investigate all manner of psychological principles and one in particular Game Theory. Co-operation amongst groups and altruistic sharing can rapidly develop between teaming players, and reciprocation is evident but at what point will each player put their own aims before those of their compatriots when will the needs of the one surpass the needs of the many. This was my first experiment play and it proved very interesting and fun at the same time. This is a long video but I have speeded up the sections between action scenes and it shows my shooting and sniping skills a gradually improving despite my age and disabilities ;-) Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  aka Fortnite fixed1t_fixer #fixed1tFORTNITEvideos