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Monday, 24 May 2021

Fortnite Grandad Squads Alex Leads Squad To Victory Royale

fixed1t_fixer Fortnite (May 22 2021) Got a shout from #AlexbrawlGod who hasn't coached me for a while who was with some friends. So we teamed up for Fortnite Squads, being old and slow I don't have the reaction times but I try to help where I can. I just hoped the rest of the squad would be as patient with fixed1t as Alex has always been, time will tell. This game is such great escapism and despite being harmless fun it reminds me of my time in the military which is possibly why I don't run guns blazing in a melee but tend to use cover and move in shade and in valleys rather than jumping up and down on the top of the hills, roofs, bridges and cars LOL Despite being killed by some protective god, then resuscitated by Alex I went on to still be alive an taking active role against the final ten, but #AlexbrawlGod really was amazing. Thanks to all the squad for taking me under their care and bringing the team home with the win. Fortnite Squad Team List #AlexbrawlGod winged-military6 Antonio-Jd Grandad #fixed1t_fixer aka #fixed1t Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  Fortnite: #fixed1t_fixer

Monday, 17 May 2021

Unboxing A Crelando Woodburning Iron Set

Crelando Woodburning Iron Set - Unboxing this is great woodturning pyrography tool for creating designs, pictures, patterns, shading and depth on wood or leather hide. It comes with a range of excellent brass tips and a reasonable stand, but I recommend purchasing a soldering iron stand for stability and safety. As I will show in the follow up video, its also great for smoothing wooden drill holes which is difficult to achieve with a drill or a file in soft woods. This Crelando Woodburning Iron Set is a great introductory tool just be careful when it on as it will burn you and set fire to wood if left in place. Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  #fixed1tUNBOXINGvideos #unboxing #fixed1t

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Fortnite DUO's Oscar DJ Flame2011 Helps An Old Man Get Victory Royale

fixed1t_fixer Fortnite (May 2021) A friend of #trickshotmaster2022 Oscar, agreed to take me into Fortnite Duo's. We've had a few second places but this time we are seriously LOL Playing Is a great way to keep an eye on kids online gaming content and to let the kids teach you, which they love doing. As with all their games rules and friendships can change at a moments notice ;-) Oscar aka Fortnite: DJ-Flame2011 #fixed1t aka Fortnite: fixed1t_fixer Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  aka fixed1t_fixer

Monday, 3 May 2021

Fortnite Arena Trios Grandad Plus Two Young Sweaty's

If you are spending your time moaning about how much time youngsters are gaming, how brain numbing and intellect wrecking it is and how anti social they are, then join them in the game and you'll discover its none of that, they are part of a vibrant, intellectual and socially challenging collective that challenges not only their reactions, perspective and moral compass, but that makes them equal whatever their age, colour or creed. If you think they don't have friends check the games friends list its a massive multinational conglomeration and they are as likely to be singing english songs as well as french german dutch russian arabic they've picked up from online friends etc etc one big crazy family.  In real life you can most likely count their friends on one hand and online they need a hundred.  You ask them to join you, why not join them you'll be surprised at their gaming age and abilities, I know I always am.

These friends of Oliver wanted me to make a Fortnite video of us playing, and they were good very good saving my life several times whilst putting themselves in danger to do it because they cared.

If your lonely, and feel you have no friends, play an online game and with a few days you'll have lots of new friends.

Malcolm aka #fixed1t aka Fortnite fixed1t_fixer