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Monday, 2 August 2021

Unboxing A USB Lithium Ion 4x Battery Rechargeable Power Bank

This is the type of unit and batteries I purchased: Like most people I have an increasing number of devices from phones, tablets, music players, lights to tiny robots, that require a 5V supply when I am away from a wall power socket. I have in the past purchased sealed power banks and some worked and others very quickly died, and being sealed they aren't the type of devices that the average non Radio HAM can fix easily or without risking setting their homes, workshops or themselves on fire. So I decided to investigate a number of battery powered rechargeable units and particularly those powered by Lithium Ion batteries which look like large AA batteries. These batteries are popular because they they are light, have a standard voltage of 3.7v - 4.2v and claim to store a huge amount of power. The unit I've chosen to test first is a 4 x Lithium Ion Battery rechargeable box that I chosen as it was accompanied by 8 x lithium Ion Batteries, all of which claim to have a very large current rating. In this first Unboxing video I will unboxing the take a close look at what I purchased and in part 2 I will be testing the unit and batteries to see if the batteries really are as high powered as the battery label claims ie 9900 mah which is a lot. If you are thinking of purchasing one of these, please use the link at the start of this description, as I will get a few cents commission. Thanks Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  #unboxingtherapy #fixed1tUNBOXINGvideos #unboxing #Powerbanks #chargers #ASMR