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Friday, 1 May 2015

Blocking Apple iPhone Harrassing Nuisance Call Numbers And Contacts

After yet another PPI nuisance call I decided to blocked the number on my iPhone.  The process is not hard but dialling the number by accident can be expensive.  So here is how I do it so as not to be charged.

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Thanks #fixed1t

How I Aspirate My Painful Ganglion Cysts To Regain Hand Function

I got another painful Ganglion Cyst on my index finger knuckle, these are so painful when knocked that I've know people give up type and doing things due to the pain and lack of mobility in their hands.  Sod That I like doing things with my hands.   I had been to the GP before with one of these, it took me a while to get an appointment, he said that it may be removed by squeezing it, with the caveat "how are you with pain" it did ****** hurt. He then said to come back and he would aspirate it.

I finger prick my fingers many times a day to test my blood glucose, aspirating blood from the veins,  so I decided to use my finger pricker on it, and it worked. As the knuckle was bruised I wasn't sure if finger pricker went too deep, so the next time I got one I decided to use the Lancet on its own, with great effect.

I have to say  "Don't try this at home" to cover myself.  I do this whenever I get one of these.  Being a Type 1 Diabetic having had the condition for around 36 years, I seem prone to these minor problems.

Despite taking insulin for 36 years I currently have none of the usual complications and have led a very active life and sometimes bonkers active life.  I have never been hospitalised for my diabetes and in 35 years never had a hypo that I couldn't treat myself, using common sense.