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Monday, 21 January 2013

DOEPFER MAQ16/3 Analogue Switch Modification by fixed1t

Hi I've been doing a number of useful modification and repairs to gear for years and have pasted a number of youtube videos, but I'm only now moving into blogging.  I plan to add the youtube items to my blog then move on from there with some new fixes and mods via this blog.

As many will be aware switching a lot of electrical items at once creates a huge spike in the electrics that can end up crackling your amp and frying some of the more sensitive items.  I therefore try to avoid switching lots of things on at once and turn them on sequentially.  Of course this works for mains powered equipment as they usually have an on/off switch at the front.  But not so for many Wall-wart DC input gear where they are switched on at the transformer brick.

Unless you have individually switched plug boards on the top of your units (very doubtful) then they are at the back of things on the floor and are therefore left one and switched off a the mains plugged.  So switch on gives the system a surge it could do without.  This is a mod I did a few years back.

DOEPFER MAQ16/3 Analogue Switch Modification

I purchased a Black Doepfer MAQ 16/3 analogue sequencer with CV voltage, gate and midi in and out some years back and became really irritated that it didn't have an on off switch on the front, but it had the usual cheap and difficult to plug and unplug 9v DC wallwart socket on the back.

When I could take the hassle no longer and decided to put a power switch on the front and selected one which looks (from the picture below) like it should always have been there.  The Mod took an hour or so to do (safely) but works a treat.  I decided to video it from my Windows pc phone, (thats all iI had back then) so sorry for the poor quality video.


I placed the video on youtube.

The Soundtrack is my own:
Angels vs Robots 

I wrote it with the MAQ after making the mod in celebration.

I hope people find it useful, please rate the mod and most of all let me know if you do it.

Cheers fixed

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Just added my

Garageband Mac to iPad Oneshot File Converter 

Applescript Application to my music fixed1t software blog at:

fixed1t music software

I hope Garageband users will find it useful, I certainly do.

Cheers fixed1t