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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Google Mobile-Friendly Test News - Testing the fixed1t blogger blog

I've been working hard over the past week to modify all of my websites to make that fully compatible with the Google Mobile-Friendly Test edict.

I submitted:

It Passed

I am pleased to announce it passed, so you should therefore have no difficulties searching for anything you remember from the fixed1t blogger blog page.

Thank you for your continued support.


Saturday, 25 April 2015

A Sweet Toddler Happily Helping With House Work

When I saw Ollikins doing this yesterday it made me chuckle. By the time I got the phone out he'd emptied it, so in true toddler game fashion, I put it all back in.  ;-) He just grinned and emptied it again, and more. What my late mother would have called a little trooper.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner WV50 - Best Tested Technique

I finished Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner WV50 VAC'ing the rest of the insides of the windows, patio doors and glass doors and here are the results:

1) Its a remarkably fast process and really easy learn and master.

2) Doing all of the windows with the WV50 merely generated just over a centimetre of dirty water in the container.

Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner WV50

Just 1cm of dirty water from over 10 windows and doors.
The best technique is:

i) Wet and gently scrub the window with a none abrasive Soft Cloth
ii) Start from the bottom of the window and stroke upwards
iii) Once you get to just below the centre of the window turn the WV50 upright and begin stroking down the window and come down to 10 below the dirty water line from the upward sweet.
iv) Don't let the glass dry out , instead quickly wipe off any residence from the window with clean  micro fibre cloth.

Using this method I was able to wash, wipe and polish each window in a few minutes.

I thoroughly recommend the Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner WV50

Click here to find them on eBay

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Regards fixed1t

Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner WV50 Real Life Test

If you hate getting soaked cleaning the indoor windows this device could be the one for you especially if you can pick one up cheaply. fixed1t tested.

 I thoroughly recommend the Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner WV50

Click here to find them on eBay

Click here to find them on Amazon

Regards fixed1t

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Childs Stair Gate Safety Modification - Bath Time Update

The reports are that Ollikins hasn't been able to open the gate, although he has shown interest in fiddling with the Polymorph.

As its shaped into a pendulum after he's move it away (obviously copying the adults) it falls back over the lower catch as soon as he lets go. This means he can't lift the top.

His mum was relieved that whilst she finished preparing his bath and he wondered around in his birthday suit, she didn't have the worry over him opening the Stair Gate behind her.

Since not being able to open it, he has also lost interest in trying, prefer to whimper and lift his arms up to be carried over it.

I'm pleased with the result of this simple modification and hopefully it will keep him safe on the landing for some time to come.

His Geeky Uncle fixed1t

Its also very cheap, and if you screw up using it, you just chuck it back into a cup of hot water and start again, its that simple.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

How I Made A Wooden Extending Stair Gate More Difficult For Toddler To Open

This wooden extending stair gate was safe for a while but once toddlers get to a certain size and ingenuity they learn to open them.

This video shows an 18 month old toddler proudly and easily defeating the locking mechanism and opening the gate, falling forward falling as he uses his weight to move it.  After a fixed1t simple modification, he unhappily discovers he can no longer open the gate.

This simple modification made the gate a little safer and last longer.  Please send to anyone who may have one of these so they or somebody they know can make this simple modification as I'm not on mums net ;-)

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Dyson DC39 Grey Release Button Found But I'm Not Impressed

After much badgering from supporters of the Dyson DC39 about a mysterious 'Grey Button' which would remove the need for my 'Bent Metal Coat Hanger' emptying Tip, I stumbled on it, but it wasn't as helpful as I was led to believe, here's the video. What do you think?