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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Childs Stair Gate Safety Modification - Bath Time Update

The reports are that Ollikins hasn't been able to open the gate, although he has shown interest in fiddling with the Polymorph.

As its shaped into a pendulum after he's move it away (obviously copying the adults) it falls back over the lower catch as soon as he lets go. This means he can't lift the top.

His mum was relieved that whilst she finished preparing his bath and he wondered around in his birthday suit, she didn't have the worry over him opening the Stair Gate behind her.

Since not being able to open it, he has also lost interest in trying, prefer to whimper and lift his arms up to be carried over it.

I'm pleased with the result of this simple modification and hopefully it will keep him safe on the landing for some time to come.

His Geeky Uncle fixed1t

Its also very cheap, and if you screw up using it, you just chuck it back into a cup of hot water and start again, its that simple.

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