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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner WV50 - Best Tested Technique

I finished Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner WV50 VAC'ing the rest of the insides of the windows, patio doors and glass doors and here are the results:

1) Its a remarkably fast process and really easy learn and master.

2) Doing all of the windows with the WV50 merely generated just over a centimetre of dirty water in the container.

Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner WV50

Just 1cm of dirty water from over 10 windows and doors.
The best technique is:

i) Wet and gently scrub the window with a none abrasive Soft Cloth
ii) Start from the bottom of the window and stroke upwards
iii) Once you get to just below the centre of the window turn the WV50 upright and begin stroking down the window and come down to 10 below the dirty water line from the upward sweet.
iv) Don't let the glass dry out , instead quickly wipe off any residence from the window with clean  micro fibre cloth.

Using this method I was able to wash, wipe and polish each window in a few minutes.

I thoroughly recommend the Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner WV50

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Regards fixed1t

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