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Monday, 3 May 2021

Fortnite Arena Trios Grandad Plus Two Young Sweaty's

If you are spending your time moaning about how much time youngsters are gaming, how brain numbing and intellect wrecking it is and how anti social they are, then join them in the game and you'll discover its none of that, they are part of a vibrant, intellectual and socially challenging collective that challenges not only their reactions, perspective and moral compass, but that makes them equal whatever their age, colour or creed. If you think they don't have friends check the games friends list its a massive multinational conglomeration and they are as likely to be singing english songs as well as french german dutch russian arabic they've picked up from online friends etc etc one big crazy family.  In real life you can most likely count their friends on one hand and online they need a hundred.  You ask them to join you, why not join them you'll be surprised at their gaming age and abilities, I know I always am.

These friends of Oliver wanted me to make a Fortnite video of us playing, and they were good very good saving my life several times whilst putting themselves in danger to do it because they cared.

If your lonely, and feel you have no friends, play an online game and with a few days you'll have lots of new friends.

Malcolm aka #fixed1t aka Fortnite fixed1t_fixer

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