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Thursday, 29 April 2021

Emergency Fence Post Fix So Good Its Permanent

I've undertaken many emergency, quick, cheap, temporary #fixed1t fixes with many so good, they have become permanent over time either because I have become distracted by other fixes or I've decided to see how long they would last for scientific reasons. Whatever the reason the #fixed1t fixes have just gone on saving me money, effort and time. In order to benefit my subscribers, viewers and the channel I though it would be a great idea to create a new playlist and shorts with links to these fixes. Here is the original video: Rotten Fence Post How To Fix It Cheaply Yourself It came about after a storm when I post began to fall over taking the fence with it, I called a fencer but due to covid19 lockdown they couldn't help for a few weeks to months. So I devised a simple wood working solution with the intention of getting him back after a few months of covid19 to replace the post. But my simple fix is still working. I even had to really good garden design builders in for a few weeks, who were surprised by what I had done and despite swinging on it when asked about replacing it, they said leave it its not going anywhere and should last years. The is a link in the video to the original video repair, so if you have dodgy fence posts or your neighbour does, take a look at the link. If your considering down it (at your own risk of course) make sure you watch all the video several times as you don't want to get part way through and realised you don't have the tools or resources to finish it. I accept no responsibility for this fix if you use it, the video is educational and is just showing how I fixed my fence post, and saved myself over 100 dollars. Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  #fixed1tGARDENINGtips #fixed1t

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