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Monday, 15 February 2021

Cheap Conductive Black PLA Is It Real Or A Scam?

If your looking at creating something using a 3D Printer that needs to be flexible and conduct electricity, then Conductive PLA is an interesting way to go. You can print all manner of circuits directly into a design cutting out the need for addition printed circuit boards or soldering irons. I have a couple of sensor projects I want to do where Salt Water and other PCB corrosive chemicals will be used. Copper boards and metallic sensors don't do well in such environments. Obviously, using plastic means you wont be able to shift a lot of current as heat will damage the PLA but for low voltage work it should be fine. The question is How Good Is Conductive PLA? Like many of these things there is the Very Expensive and the cheap (but also expensive). So I decide to start with the cheaper conductive PLA as I wasn't even sure if the project would work. However it seems there is an awful lot of scam PLA about so I'm going to test the batch of 5 metre packets of Conductive Black 1.75 mm PLA I bought for resistance and conductivity and see how good they are. Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T #fixed1t #fixed1t3DPRINTINGtips #fixed1tRESEARCHprojects

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