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Thursday, 11 February 2021

Fortnite How To Win Battle Lab Play By Stealth

I'm old and really bad at Fortnite, and I've discovered BATTLE LAB - PLAY and how to win battle lab by stealth, or at least I think I have and I'm about to test the theory. Battle Lab is a 3.5 hours Last Man Standing game giving you time to chat and team with other players, of course there are young sweats going around slaughtering people but with a team some guile and cunning you can mostly avoid them. However, given that when your killed you merely re-spawn there is no big problem, the only hassle about dying is you lose all your weapons and have to go looking for more. So you team and make friends but you of course have to mind what information you give out players and when as they said in World War Two "Loose Tongues Cost Lives". But I decided to be open and friendly whilst at the same time trying out a plan I'd put together to win, by stealth but I needed the help of others to stay alive and collect things and co-operation was the main watchword. This game allows you to investigate all manner of psychological principles and one in particular Game Theory. Co-operation amongst groups and altruistic sharing can rapidly develop between teaming players, and reciprocation is evident but at what point will each player put their own aims before those of their compatriots when will the needs of the one surpass the needs of the many. This was my first experiment play and it proved very interesting and fun at the same time. This is a long video but I have speeded up the sections between action scenes and it shows my shooting and sniping skills a gradually improving despite my age and disabilities ;-) Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  aka Fortnite fixed1t_fixer #fixed1tFORTNITEvideos

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