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Monday, 15 June 2015

Every House Should Have A Retro DJX IIB Beat Box

I showed 20 month old Ollikins his DJX IIB Scratching fixed1t YouTube video this afternoon.

Ollikins Scratching Out A Tune On My Old DJX IIB

And he pointed at himself scratching away on the DJX and giggled and said ME which means he's on development mark which is great. Then in his normal inquisitive manner he demanded more.

These DJX DJ mix style Beat Boxes

 DJX IIB Beatbox

were seen as toys shortly after their release and became heavily discounted as they didn't sell to the semi pro market.  But if your not a musician or have bored or highly inquisitive kids then these are great second hand items to buy.

The best thing for parents is they have a headphone output which cuts off the loud speakers.

I was lucky to get mine for £50 in a sale, but now they go for a lot less at auction

Click here to find one At Auction.

Happy DJX'ing


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