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Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Fortnite 3D VR Amazing Season 4 Wolverine Battlepass Trailer

This is a side by side 180 3D Google Cardboard video of the amazing Fortnite 3D VR Amazing Season 4 Wolverine Battlepass Trailer made to introduce Wolverine to Fortnite Season 4. The graphics are stunning in 2D as I'm sure you all agree, but 3D offers amazing extras depth and reality, and the joking tongue in cheek storyline is brilliant and being in 3D you get a great being there visual reality experience. Check it out, this is you'll need to use a phone 3D headset or Google Cardboard, and you simply set the resolution of this video to high and slot it in the headset and set ip playing, you can also watch it on a 3D TV and more Professional 3D Phone headsets. I hope you like it, and check out the links to my other 3D Videos and subscribed to my fixed1t youtube channel. I'm also fixed1t_fixer on PS4.
So time to take that iPhone, Samsung or other 3D Viewing headset you bought on impulse from off the shelf, out of the draw, out of the cupboard or out of the toy box and try it on, its a great way to watch things and I have plenty of videos to watch.
Thanks Malcolm aka fixed1t_fixer aka @FIXED1T ​
If You Don't Have A Viewer Click This Link:

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