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Thursday, 1 October 2020

T RAX Heavy Duty Racking System Metal Shelving Construction Nightmare Fix

I selected the T-RAX Heavy Duty Metal Shelving System from many of eBay as it have some pretty good reviews and looked straight forward to build. Its blue paint coat mild steel seems pretty strong as do the MDF (Micro Density Fibre Board) shelves.

The manual was poor and difficult to follow and once I started trying to put it together it turned into a frigging nightmare. It should be simple and straight forward but its not, poor design makes every piece a complete pain to place and secure. My 20 minute job took all afternoon for the first one, with three more to build. Luckily the methods I devised to construct it shorted the building of another shelf to just over 40 mins.

If you are thinking of buying these T-RAX Heavy Duty Metal Racking System, then watch all of this video or risk injury and madness lol

Malcolm aka @FIXED1T ​

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