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Saturday, 24 July 2021

Unboxing An Ultrabright Rechargable LED Headlight Part 2 Testing

If you consider buying this head torch, please use this as I will get a few cents commission if you do and it helps fund my videos. Thanks Malcolm I can't remember how many head worn lights I've bought over the years, but its a lot. Sadly so many of them have disappointed me. Many turned out to be so dull as to be useless and those that are bright get super hot and burn your fingers after wearing them at full brightness for any time. The heat is due to the high intensity LED's or bulbs they use in very confined spaces. As I'm also like watching the stars through my telescopes I'm interested in those with a red light option, as red light doesn't destroy the night time pigment that builds up in the eyes in the dark known as Visual Purple that allows you to see in the dark. Whereas white light bleaches it in milliseconds as you will have found out if hit in the eyes with bright headlights on a dark night. In my part 1 video I unboxed a 1000000LM Waterproof Head Torch Headlight LED USB Rechargeable Headlamp, if you haven't seen it here is the link: In this part 2 plus I charge the headlamp and carry out quick function testing of its settings. In Part 3 I will be using the headlamp for real. Please ensure you hit the Subscribe Button so you are informed when Part 3 and any of they other great working videos are posted. If you like what you see and consider buying the lamp, please use the links up above as I will get a few cents commission if you do which go towards maintain my channel. Thanks Malcolm aka @FIXED1T #headtorch #unboxing #fixed1tUNBOXINGvideos #astronomy #astrophotography

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