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Thursday, 8 July 2021

Unboxing A Titan 1500W Plus Rotary Hammer Drill Kit - Part 1

Here is a similar drill with excellent ratings: Rotary Hammer Drill 1500W, Meterk SDS PLUS 7.4J 4350BPM 0-880RPM with Safety Clutch & Vibration Damping Technology Heavy Duty Hammer Drill 3 Functions 3PCS Drill Bit Flat Chisel Point Chisel with Case After the Black & Decker drill given to me by my mate Ross in the 90's got slower and slower then stopped completely worn out I decided to by another. As I'd killed it in a seriously hard job, I decided to by are serious hard drill and after much research found this Titan 1500W Plus Rotary Hammer Drill system. I decided to go for the package that included all of the heavy duty drills and chisels as I have no SDS tools in my toolbox. This is an #ASMR unboxing of a Titan 1500W Plus Rotary Hammer Drill System Please don't forget to Subscribe and checkout my other videos. In Part 2: I be putting the Titan Through Its paces. Regards Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  #unboxing #fixed1tUNBOXINGvideos #ASMR #powertools

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