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Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Unboxing A Must Have Camera Articulating Crab Clamp Tripod Arm

Please use this free Link to purchase the arm to support fixed1t, it will cost you nothing but give me fractions of cents lol :

 Any photographer or videographer will tell you its those shots in tight spaces or odd closeups which are hardest to get, where there isn't enough space for a tripod or anything decent for your Gorilla Grip hand to grasp. This also goes for lighting macro shots or setting up a flash.  I've tried a number of items on the web but even the most attractive turn out to be easy to break plastic.

I was therefore really excited when I saw this Articulating Arm so I bought one.  In this Part 1 video I'll be unboxing what arrived and In part two I'll be testing it and putting it through its paces.

Today I'll Be Unboxing An

11 inch Articulating Magic Arm+Super Clamp Crab for DSLR Camera, LCD Monitor, LED Light Or Mobile Phone Tripod Head

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Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  

P.s. This reminds me to purchase another before they are all gone.

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