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Monday, 30 November 2020

Fortnite Lone Grandfather Sniper Taking Down Stark Industries And Ironman

My old arthritic fingers make it near impossible to beat the young bucks in fortnite with their super fast reactions and manual dexterity and there propensity run head first into the bullets and bombs and be re-spawned. I'm from an older Army where a hole in the arm or leg on a solo mission meant almost certain capture or death. Despite my lack of speed ability I've been in Fortnite Arena with some great players but always come second, if I can't find a sniper rifle. Where they get their on crazy leaping around and killing I get their uninjured using stealth and skill. Although I've had lots of the best in my rifle sights I know that unless I can make a slow takedown shot, tackling them is suicide. This is because I'm not aren't of the amazingly fast building, aiming and shooting. After the Success of my 'fixed1t 100+ Great Take-Down Snipes' and the fixed1t Fortnite Sniper School training videos, I decided it was time to put the training to a test, not up against the leaping crazies but with a Planned SOLO Mission In Realtime. I've tried to be inclusive, but any others I've worked with very quickly become bored and impulsive and get themselves killed LOL Some The Plan: After Scavenging For Shield And Weapons And Kit, Head To Stark Industries And Steal The Stark Helicopter From The Helipad. Using The Helicopter As Transport, Move Around The Site Sniping 95-100% Of Robot Henchmen On The Site, Before Taking Out Ironman And Taking Control Of The Stark Industries Complex. Any loss of shield or personal injury is classed as death and a MISSION FAIL! Therefore the mission must be carried out carefully. Unlike most fortnite missions the goal is not to Rambo in Guns Ablazing but to survive and complete the mission unharmed. There is a one hour window for this mission before reinforcements arrive. I hope you like the video which is a piece of escapist entertainment, I enjoyed making it, I'll be back to my repair and fixing videos shortly as I still have some leaking taps to fix. LOL Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  aka fixed1t_fixer

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