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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Fortnite 3D VR 180 Waterskiing An Mythic Shark Right Around Season 4 Map

Fortnite Mythic Shark Map Waterskiing Tour The Google Cardboard 3D VR 180 Experience There major 3D VR Headset manufacturers are about to release their latest and greatest 3D VR headsets and the instinct of Tech Heads and Gamers is to rush out and buy anything new. Some years ago Google Cardboard was released or at least the Cardboard version of the 3D VR 180 phone accessory headset made of cardboard was released. Many people bought it and were disappointed now the new headsets are offering more. Personally like Quadraphonic Audio in the seventies and eighties of which I was an early adopter and great fan, these headsets offer much more than the hype. Now before you rush out and buy the latest headset you need to understand that for some, motion sickness was a real issue with VR and even if you don't get travel sick (as I do badly) the headset may upset you (strangely it doesn't make me sick). So I've created this crazy video using Fortnite Season 4, I glided to an area called 'Dirty Docks' and caught myself a rare, angry Legendary 'Mythic Shark' and rode it right around the outskirts of the Fortnite Season 4 map, performing jumps, stunts and massive accelerations (often to get away from other sharks). This video has everything in it to test your tolerance of VR 180 3D I advise you and others thinking of buying a fully enclosed 3D Headset put you phone into one of the cheap 3D 180 VR viewers and watch the entire video from start to finish. Watch it a maximum resolution. If at the end of it you are still feeling okay, not dizzy, nauseous or have a head or eye ache, then there is every chance you may be immune to the adverse VR effects and should be okay with the new 3D VR tech. However, if you have to stop part way, feeling, hot, sweaty and a little sick then 3D VR is not for you. I hope you enjoy the video I made it longer than my previous videos are subscribers prefer longer 3D VR videos, it makes up for having to get the headset out and put it on. Please don't forget to like the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and check out my other amazing and money saving tips. Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  #fixed1t aka fixed1t.fixer

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