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Tuesday, 3 November 2020

SPHERO BOLT Teardown And Battery Replacement Part 1

The SPHERO BOLT Bluetooth controlled balls with amazing LED displays are great but the batteries are inside its hard polycarbonate shell and once dead! so is SPHERO with no replacement option. I bought this SPHERO BOLT as a present, as my Subscribers will tell you, fixed1t Scrooge likes to buy very expensive tech when it stops working so its cheap (you get more bang for your buck) and then repair it. In this way I can give top of the range presents for reasonable price of the cheapest. I've watched a number of battery changing videos on various SPHERO's and in all of them I fell about laughing watching people completely wreck the SPHERO ball with hacksaws, bandsaws, lasers, heated knives and wire to get access to the batteries. Then after changing the batteries there is no hard shell to put it SPHERO back into, so they put it into a cheap thin plastic ball which will crack and break at the first drop. So I devised my own fixed1t method to show they can be opened and worked on without totally destroying the shell. In this video I will teardown and open the the most expensive SPHERO the BOLT as I suspect has a dead battery and as with my recent SPHERO SPRK+ repair, I'll be opening the BOLT With minimal damage to it to fixed1t Malcolm aka #fixed1t #fixed1tMONEYSAVINGtips

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