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Thursday, 10 December 2020

Unboxing SPHERO specdrums To Tap Colours And Make Music

As a lifelong musician I've always enjoyed making music whether it was one tips metal and glass as a child or keyboards and guitars in my twenties. I've always also had a fascination for technology and particularly music and sound making technology which led to my building huge modular analogue synthesisers and gizmo's since the early 1980's. So when I saw the Sphero specdrums I thought wow another musical toy to play with, tapping colours to make music. As I saw some massively reduced I couldn't resist so here is the unboxing. They are in really short supply this Christmas but I got mine here: if you use this link they add a few cents to my account which helps pay for the toys I Buy then review, and it costs you nothing. I think they also have amazing potential for my work with children on the autistic spectrum and special needs, and others with an iPad, pair or headphones and Sphero specdrums, they could find them suitably enthralling. Part 1: Unboxing Sphero specdrums Please Subscribe To My fixed1t YouTube Channel For Details Of The Release Date Of Part 2 Where I Will Show How Set Up And Control The Sphero specdrums Malcolm aka @FIXED1T #fixed1t

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