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Friday, 18 December 2020

Opening A Sphero SPRK+ And BOLT Without Destroying It Part 1

The SPHERO Bluetooth controlled balls are great but the batteries are inside its hard polycarbonate shell and once dead there is no replacement option available. To get to the batteries people have used hacksaws, bandsaws, lasers and heated wire, all destroy the Sphero Shell meaning that a cheaper plastic ornament shell has to be used which will break after a couple of drops or bangs or a lot of tape and glue. After many people watched my battery changing video on the SPRK+ they ask how do I do it. This two part video tells you how and highlights the ISSUES and PITFALLS faced in undertaking the opening of a sphero and in breaking the ultrasonic weld that holds it together. This Is How I Open A Sphero SPRK+ BOLT And Others Without Destroying It! Watch the entire video before you consider doing this but all the information wont be there until I finish video two, its in two parts as people rarely if ever watch my than 3 mins of a video so eleven minutes is pushing it. But the video could save your sphero and impatience could and may well wreck it. I of course make no warranty for my solutions I used for my own sphero's and taken no responsibility for anybody else trying it, but it works for me. Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  #fixed1t

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