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Saturday, 6 March 2021

Apple Wireless Magic Mouse Rechargeable Batteries Workaround Fix

Rechargeable batteries not working in many devices is a common problem due to the design of some battery compartments, Its really a problem with this Apple Magic Wireless Bluetooth Mouse. This is the workaround fix I used to use Rechargeable Batteries with my Apple Wireless Magic Mouse as I got fed up of feeding it with expensive (over time) Alkaline Batteries. I had tried using rechargeable batteries in the past but they just wouldn't work period or they were constantly losing their connection with the mouse due to the design of the Apple Wireless Mouse Mouse positive battery connections in this battery compartment. Also this is a high power device so normal NMH rechargeable batteries don't last long which I why I movement to Nickel Zinc Ni-ZN as they have a voltage of 1.6v rather than the NMH or Nicad 1.2v Everything I use is in the video description below! Here's a link for Ni-Zn batteries and charger, they need a special charger: This is the great huge box of split washers I used really useful to have: If you want to see how I discovered the problem the link is at the start and end of the video. So Here Is How I fixed1t! Malcolm aka  @FIXED1T  #fixed1t #fixed1tAPPLEsupport #diy

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