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Sunday, 21 June 2020

Fortnite Training Season 3 Oscar Leading fixed1t - But Can We Get A Vict...

This video is about Fortnite Training Season 3 Oscar Leads fixed1t To Victory Royale

fixed1t_fixer & ozzy2011cool - Fortnite Duo

For those who say you get too old to learn new things (an idea I have never ever believed or aspired too) I say "Your Never Too Old For Fortnite Training" Its a hoot.

During Covid19 Lockdown Oliver Offered Me Battle Training In Fortnite. I Was BAD,
No VERY BAD!. Arthritic Fingers and Tinnitus don't improve your gaming and the slowing of reaction times, means its safer to hide than to go head to head with a youngster whose reaction time is half a second quicker ;- But For Weeks Oliver Oscar & Blake Have Without Fine Or Favour Put Me Through My Paces On Season 2. Now its Season 3 its time to take a few more chances. Oscar (ozzy2011cool) was on form as usual so taking me under his wing of we go.

Can We Secure A Win Or Will I Get Us Killed?

Malcolm aka

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