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Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Amazing Slow Motion Of Fortnite Season 2 Midas Doomsday Ending

This video is about Amazing Slow Motion Of Fortnite Season 2 Midas Doomsday Ending

Great End Of Fortnite Season 2 Experience - the extend version pre and post Doomsday Explosion in slow motion.

I was told by my trainers to be there at the Agency when Fortnite season 2 ended, so I was on early and waited till the end and got this amazing slow motion footage. I was at Edinburgh University in the early 80's when we were learning to write programs in Algol to do fractals and the new maths of NURB surfaces were being developed and I was using them pulling a point at a time. How far it has come since the most amazing graphic was the BBC Micro spinning world achieved by switching the colours of the vertical lines on and off, to giving the elusion of spinning.

Fortnite Season 2 Finale was as amazing as they promised, and I was there, stood a the top of a giant staircase on the shores over looking the Agency as the Midas Doomsday Device Exploded. To say I had a birds eye view is an understatement, I was stood next to the huge lighting towers that came out of the water around me and whose electricity lifted me into the air.

I Long Range Sniped Over 30 People In The Amazing Battle For The Agency

But We Lost, The Midas Doomsday (Boomsday) Devices Rose From The Waters, Up To My Lookout Point High On A Giant Staircase Close To The Agency. Then BOOM!! It ExplodedSeason 2 Went Out With A Huge BANG!!

Well worth a watch if you weren't there, the Storm has now been replaced with a tsunami, and its a really pain.

Malcolm aka @fixed1t aka fixed1t.fixer

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