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Tuesday, 7 April 2020

3D Printed Covid19 Visor Bracket Time Lapse 7 Hours In 45 Seconds

This video is about 3D Printed Covid19 Visor Bracket Time Lapse 7 Hours In 45 Seconds

If you have Money A Kids Teens Bouncing Off The Walls During Lockdown, Please Consider Buying Them A 3D Printer And Filament And They Can Be Helping Save Lives With Becoming Experts In 3D Printing, And When Its Over They Can Be Printing Toys And Things For The Home.

#fixed1t Covid19 Pandemic

There's Mass A Shortage Of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) Across The World For Medical Teams Treating Coronavirus Covid19 Patients At Huge Risk To Themselves.

A Number Of Private People Like #fixed1t With Our Own 3D Printers Are 3D Printing Frames For FREE To Hold 4-Hone Punched Overhead Protector Acetate To Make A Protective Full Face Visor.

If You've Never Seen Or Watched A 3D Printer In Action, Imagine Creating Something by gluing individual Hairs Together using a huge 3D Etcho-Sketch. This Simple Frame Hard To Be Precisely Design In Computer Aided Design And Sent To The 3D Printer In A Language It Understands.

This Visors Frame Took 7 Hours To 3D Print, You Can Watch The Entire Process In 47 Seconds
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Thanks Malcolm aka #fixed1t

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