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Sunday, 31 May 2020

Fixing Creality CR10s Spool Holder Ejection Problem

This video is about Fixing Creality CR10s Spool Holder Ejection Problem


During Covid19 Pandemic Lockdown I've Been Printing A Lot Of PPE Visor Frames All Day And To Also Maximise Production Printing Them Over Night, So There Printer Is Left Unattended.

But, I've Discovered A Wasteful Problem On The Creality CR10's As The Spool Get Nears Its End, The Filament Twist And The Lightness Of The Spool, Causes The Spool To Be Ejected From Its Holding Bar Causing Print Failure And The Wrecking Of The Print Job. This Was Driving Me Nuts.

So Here Is My Simple Practical @fixed1t Fix

Malcolm aka

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