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Monday, 6 April 2020

3D Printed Covid19 Visor Film Punch Setup

This video is about 3D Printed Covid19 Visor Film Punch Setup

#fixed1t Covid19 Pandemic

There's Mass A Shortage Of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)For Doctors, Nurses And First Responders

So You've 3D Printed The ISO838 Visor But Your A4 Punched OHP Film Wont Fit!

Here Is How To Do It

For Doctors, Nurses And First Responders. A crucial part of this is a face visor to prevent spray and droplets getting onto the face and in the Eyes, Nose and Mouth. Suitable items can be made using a common household 3D printer and their are plenty of design STL files online. So if you haver a 3D Printer please download a design and print it may times and arrange to deliver them to local hospitals or collection points. Your 3D printer and you can be saving lives right now.

Malcolm aka #fixed1t

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