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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Polymorph Plastic Mould Crushes Android Tablet Screen

Constricting Danger of #polymorph ThermoPlastic

I decided to make a screen replacement alignment mould for a Nexus 7 Android Tablet and moulding process went without a hitch, so I went away and left it to cool.  The Polymorph Mould Crushed and Destroyed The Android Tablet Screen #fixed1tANDROIDtip that was some years ago.

However, I recently found this screen still embedded in the Polymorph and went to move it, as I did the glass shattered further firing shards and splinters of glass everywhere. Thankfully I was wearing a pair of Bolle Tracker safety glasses that protected my eyes as I had glass splinters in my hair and in particles around my face and eyes.  This particular set of safety glasses has a thick foam edge that has moulded to my face creating an effective shield.

With these wrap around padded glasses on I would have seriously injured my eyes.

It's for this reason I recommend the Bolle Professional Safety Glasses


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