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Friday, 11 April 2014

Domestos Grot Buster Is No Longer Available For Shower and Bath Mould Killing


 Grot Buster is no more across the planet as Domestos have pulled it as it wasn't popular.

 The 23,000+ people who have seen my video would now beg to differ lol. Anyhow, I decided that it was the thick sticky consistency of the bleach the was the key.

 So earlier this week I decided to turn 100ml of a standard bleach into thick sticky bleach. I thought of using other cleaning agents but if you mix bleach with common household things it can be toxic, I decided then that cornflour was to be my thickening agent of choice i.e. pretty inert and safe so I've been experimenting with it.

 After a number of failures a one near disaster disasters, I succeeded. I've made a video on how I tested the sticky liquid which worked well.

 The video is here on this site here is the link:

Testing My Thickened Bleach Ability To Remove Shower and Bath Mildew Black Mould

 As usual it has a fixed1t very long descriptive name.

 I'm going to try and get the video of how I made it together over the weekend and I'll let folks know when its done.

 I hope you find the video interesting.

 This is a great was to clean the shower and bath and it lasts so long I had to leave some areas untreated so I could grow a few black dots to test.

 Kind Regards

 Malcolm (aka fixed1t)

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