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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Converting My Bose Noise Canceling Headphones into Bose Bluetooth Headphones


Following a very long a noisy flight last year I was given a early birthday present of a pair of very comfortable Bose Noise Cancelling headphones.

The Bose Quiet headphones are a joy to wear and the sound quality is really very good.  But like all corded headphones they can be a bit of a pain when your stuck at the end of an aisle on a plane, train or bus and other people want to move around.  I don't know about you, but it also appears that the more time I put into sorting out the cable the more tangled it is makes itself when I try to move.

So I decide that I'd had enough if it and decided to use the 'Bluetooth Charm' against the cable snake and for only few pounds it works, on planes, trains, automobiles and even in bed.  At last no more strangling cable snake and the Bluetooth reception is fantastic loud over 10+ metres away.

The solution to convert my Bose Headphones to Bluetooth turned out to be remarkably cheap and simple and it really works great with hours and hours giving high quality sound from many bluetooth sources.  It works particularly well with my Bluetooth mobile sound players i.e. iPhone or iPad or any other Bluetooth Android Device or phone.

I've put together a really simple video of instructions, showing the bluetooth adapter and the specialist Bose replacement cable I used in this fixed1t fix.

Here is the Amazon UK link to the Bluetooth Adapter:

and for the Bose cable I used.

Please check make sure you purchase the cable for your particular Bose Headphones and that your Bose headphone cable is detachable.

He are the links to Amazon USA link for the Bluetooth Adapter:

and the link to Amazon USA link for the Bose replacement cable:

Again, please check make sure you purchase the cable for your particular Bose Headphones and that your Bose headphone cable is detachable.

With the video and the links above you should have your own Bose 'Bluetooth' Headphones within minutes of the bits arriving.

Here is the link to my youtube video:

If you don't fancy doing it yourself then you could always sell you current Bose headphones on Amazon and purchase the latest Official Bose Bluetooth headphones.

As you can imagine creating these useful videos takes time, so if you find this useful please consider making a small donation using the Donate button at the top of the right hand column. Even a few dollars really helps to justify to those indoors the time I spend on these 'it's a great excuse' :-).  But if you don't wish to donate thats fine but it would useful if you could give the fix a thumbs up and pop back to leave a message.

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