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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Opening A NAVMAN S90i GPS And Replacing The Battery

Some time ago I did a popular youtube video showing people how to get into the NAVMAN S90i GPS Unit to replace the battery,

The Navman was a couple of years old but still worked well, and having the camera built into it with auto GPS marking was great for those trips when you wished you could remember exactly where you were when you took the photo.

A couple of users have had difficulties finding a battery so I've added a couple of links here for Amazon UK

Replacement Battery Navman S30. S50, S70, S80, S90, S90i

and for Amazon USA

Battery for Navman S30. S50 S70 S80 S90 S90i

Below is a link to the youtube video, if you haven't come here from youtube to get the battery links.

youtube video opening NAVMAN s90i and replacing the battery

As always, the risk for all repairs is your own, ensure you have the time, the patience and tools to do this effectively and safely.

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