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Wednesday 13 November 2013

Replacing Roland MV-8000 CD-Drive With DVD Re-Writer

If you have an Roland MV-8000 thats still using an internal CD drive then you could be missing out on accessing thousands of DVD samples.  The whole job is really easy to do and took me around 15 - 20 mins with just a simple cross headed screw driver and a little care and patience.

The DVD Writer I use is the only one I've found to work fully without write or read errors, here is a link for 2nd user drivers:

My UJDA 770 dvd - Its Works Others May Not

MV8000 CD to DVD replacement video on youtube

This is a really simple upgrade, but as with all repairs there is a Danger Of Death to you and the machine if you open it up and start messing around inside. I'm fine doing this myself as my mother told me 'grow up stupid' so I did.

Doing this is your own decision and I take no responsibility for showing you how it can be done.

As it is, I'm really pleased with the result, cheap simple cheerful and satisfying for me.

The Ambient Music " Darwin " accompanying the piece is by me fixed1t.  If you want to listen to the whole piece there is a great little video here on youtube of the Galapagos to accompany the music.  The video and the volcanic scenes it shows is very primordial.  Please listen on a good system with bass, especially if your feeling a bit constipated, as the subsonic's can move a tank out of mud.

fixed1t Darwin composition video on youtube

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Many Thanks


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