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Thursday, 23 July 2020

Fortnite Sniper School With fixed1t_fixer Part 5 Enemy Squads Multiple ...

Gaming Is A Great Way To Relieve The LockDown Stresses And Sniping Is Even Better. In Order To Get The Shots You Need To Be Relaxed And Patient (lowering your heart rate and respiration a natural way to relax) You Also Need To Concentrate And Pay Attention To Your Surroundings (its almost impossible to think of bad things whilst concentrating on something thats moving before your eyes, ie your partner talking to you when your locked onto a TV channel) Most Of All These Activities Need To Be Fun, So Don't Get Angry If Your No Good To Start With, It Literally Is The Taking Part That Matters. ;-)

This video is about Fortnite Sniper School With fixed1t_fixer Part 5 Enemy Squads Multiple Takedowns

Part Five Intro
If You've Been Following And Watching All My Sniper Training Videos, The Your Sniping Will Already Be Improving - Its Time To Show You Some Of The Team And Squad Takedowns That Occurred In Individual Locations Whilst Making These Training Videos. My Record From One Location So Far Is Seven Kills And That Only Ended When I Was Requested To Join Another Game.

In Many Ways Its Easier To Get Killed, So Finding Suitable Camouflage And A Safe Location Away From Direct Line Of Sight Is Crucial, Most Of All You Have To Be Patient, Slow To Aim, Quick And Accurate Ensuring You Choose Your Targets Carefully. NO JUMPING AROUND WILDLY With Every Kill, The Main Thing I Always Try And Do, Is To Take Down Any Fellow Snippers Who Are Above Or In Line Of Sight To My Position. Although Other Shooters May See You, Their Weapons Don't Usually Have The Range If You Hang Back From The Mayhem A Minimum Of 100 Metres.

In My Next Few Videos I'll Be showing My Best Kills So Far. Amazing Head Shots And Long Range Kills. Enjoy The Sniping And Don't Get Angry And Upset When You Get Taken Out, Thats Half The Fun.

Malcolm aka @FIXED1T ​ aka fixed1t_fixer

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