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Saturday, 25 January 2020

Fixing Midi Over Bluetooth Not Available

This video is about Fixing Midi Over Bluetooth Not Available


Fixing Midi Over Bluetooth Not Available Caused By Old Instrument Plugins

I recently purchased two amazing Roli Seaboard 5D Touch Technology Blocks to make music with, but discovered the need Bluetooth Midi to be used wirelessly. I didn't think this was a problem as I have an Apple MacBook Pro with Bluetooth and the MacBook has a great Audio Midi Setup App. But I discovered as you may also have, that all those old Mac Midi Drivers and Apps are incompatible with new Bluetooth Midi.

So I worked out the How To Fix and here it is, this is how I got my Roli Seaboard Blocks working with my MacBook Pro Bluetooth Midi.

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Malcolm aka #fixed1t

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