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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Fixing Sky Talk No Telephone Signal - But Fibre Broadband Working Fine

About a month ago,

Following a very dramatic and close electrical storms, I was left with a working sky broadband fibre but no telephone.

I called sky, regularly, and each time had to go through the idiots guide to checking the phone line.  They also kept asking if it was now working, why? they hadn't dome anything!

Dear Reader:

Make sure if you do that you get them to call you back as soon as they have verified your details, otherwise the long delays and waits allegedly for checking things will cost you dearly on your mobile.

MOBILE ? yes because the phone was dead, they commented many times that I was calling them from a mobile.

 They asked:

1) Does the line work? (Of course it doesn't thats why I'm calling etc)

2) Have you tried plugging in another phone. (Yes lots of them but as phones hardly ever fail its a bit of a non starter)

3) Try the other sockets (why is there a random socket killing elf?)

4) Plug it into the box that comes into the property.

5) Frequent 5 - 15 min waits whilst things are checked, allegedly.

I may be a cynic but its almost as if they are keeping you on the line for some reason!!

Eventually they agreed a BT Open-reach person would come round. They did the following week, asked when it happened, I mentioned the storm he said "blown panel fuse".  He removed the Original Panel:

He then replaced the panel with a new MK2 Version shown below:

The problem was fixed in minutes, with the fitting of this MK2 panel.

I then went online and discovered I could have bought the MK2 version of the panel myself, here:

I then purchased another as a spare and installed it myself in minutes, it worked.

So the bottom line is I could have purchased a MK2 panel myself over a month before, installed it once the panel had arrived, and saved myself weeks of time and mobile costs.

I can't guarantee this will work for you, but he said it is a very very common problem especially if the fibre broadband is still working. Also, if it doesn't fix the problem you have a spare for when an electrical storm does kill your panel.

Here is a video I did explaining the issue:

If this helps please Share it and gives it a thumbs up, and leave a comment.

Thanks fixed1t

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