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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

laminate flooring prep comfort break problem

We've discovered Hall Carpets and dogs are a complete no no so the man arrived to prep our hallway,  he torn up the old carpet and covered the hallway in the mortar looking prep.  The problem came when i needed a bathroom break for although we have 2 upstairs ensuites plus a bathroom and a toilet downstairs they all come off the hallway and the gap between the living room door and stairs is too large to jump without landing on the floor and covering myself in prep gunk.

The dogs  relaxed after an initial bout of excitement barking.

Luckily i was able to get to the garage and find a piece of timber to build a bridge

All those years of climbing trees and rocks came in handy as despite my age I still have good balance.I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed playing pirates in the school gym and at home. Mind you there would have been one hell of a mess if I'd fallen or the wood had snapped, damn adult thinking barges in Lol

Share this if you remember playing pirated as a kid and if your having laminate fitted make sure you have an escape route planned #fixed1t 

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