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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Koss Phase 2+2 Quadraphonic Controller Headphones Repair Part 1


In the 70's the dream system for the music heads 'geeks of the time' was Quadraphonic.  Unfortunately it didn't catch on that well, well not for 20 years, partially because the system diagrams at the time showed huge rooms with 4 speakers strategically placed in each corner and most UK houses had no such thing.

The was a HiFi shop in Aldershot not far from my Dental Corps barracks that was heavily into Quad so I bought a Ferguson Quadraphonic Amp, 4 huge JVC speakers, a JVC CD-4 decoder and I was hooked.

Of course in the billet there was little room to set the system up without the agreement of the guy in the opposite bed.  I loved the system and the sound was amazing.

But on a trip to Guildford I came across a shop selling the

Koss Phase 2+2 Quadraphonic Headphones 

with Ambience Expanders, Binauralators, Quad Field and Quad Comparator

For weeks I used to go there and try them on and try different combinations of the programmer settings.  But I couldn't afford them and them and then I moved away.

Ever since I first discovered eBay I've been looking for a pair with absolutely no luck and then suddenly I came across 2 pairs in quick succession, alas both in an awful state of repair.  But being fixed1t I couldn't resist giving it a go.

So I set about repairing one to see if it was possible.

The link below is to my youtube video of the repair of the controller box.

I will be doing another video to show on how I solved the issue of replacing the bizarre and huge headphone pads.

The Music is an Ambient composition called "Raindrops" by fixed1t

If you like the video, check out my other blogs and videos on fixed1t youtube.

Cheers fixed1t


  1. Hi,
    I was wondering how your Koss Phase 2+2 repair turned out.
    Do they function properly?
    Can you provide a link to the original drawing of the patent drawings?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Don,
      Sorry for the very long delay in responding, I've been tidying up various blogs and removing spam and your comment had ended up in spam. I will post a pdf of the patent app on my fixed1t website if you haven't found it anywhere are are still interested. Please let me know and I will respond quickly this time.


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